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Budget savvy design tips with Darren Palmer

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Darren Palmer has become much more than a designer, he’s an influencer in the design community. So as we head towards spring, we decided to pick his brain on how to achieve a luxe look on a low budget. 

Tell us your top five low-budget tips to achieve a ‘designer’ look for the home…

  1. Great interiors thrive on contrast and complement. If you want to add some designer pizzazz to your interior, the easiest thing to do is add some colour to your walls. Even if you inherit a white or beige colour scheme you can lift your interior with a mid to dark colour allowing your white skirtings and woodwork to pop. People tend to shy away from a mid to dark addition to walls in a space but when balanced with white woodwork it can be the simplest way to achieve a designer look.

  1. A rug is another brilliant way to add complement or contrast to your space. Rugs add needed colour, texture and/or pattern to a room and the rule is the bigger the better. Rugs allow you to zone a big open plan space and help you bring separate elements together in a space giving them a defining base to sit on.

  1. Art and pictures are a brilliant way to lift your room. Add one above a bed or sofa to give a focal point, or above a side or entrance table to create a neat vignette of passing interest.

  1. Soft furnishings are the key to adding softness and interest to any living or sleeping space. Tie in small amounts of colours, patterns or textures used elsewhere to create a sense of balance and add a pop of interest to your occasional chairs, bed or sofa.

  1. Décor items from your travels, whether they be down the street or across the world are brilliant to layer into your book cases, sit on side or occasional tables and generally give a feeling of your own sense of style and personality as well as giving you that lived in and liveable designer look.

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