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Christmas gift ideas for every member of the family

Category: fashion and beauty

Christmas is just around the corner, which means it’s time to start picking out thoughtful gifts for those you love. Some family and friends are easy to buy for, but others are a little trickier. Luckily, Stockland has you covered with three foolproof present ideas for every type, from the foodie and the fashionista to your little brother or sister, and, of course, your beloved mum.

1. The Fitness Lover

Encourage the sport and fitness lover to expand their horizons by gifting them with a piece of useful equipment. Fitness trackers can help take training to the next level, charting data including steps, calories and even hours of sleep. They are a great motivator to get moving and make healthy choices. There are fitness trackers available to suit any budget and style.

Small blenders pack a big nutritional punch, and are another great present idea. Perfect for those who want to make smoothies on the run, gift your health-conscious friend with one of these so they can easily fuel their body with the nutrients they need.

Every gym junkie needs a good towel, so go all out and get him or her a sports towel that is fast-drying, antibacterial and easy to store. Help your active friend wipe away the evidence of a tough workout from their face in style.

2. The Fashion Queen

Style is such a personal choice; it's easy to go wrong buying for someone who knows exactly what they like. Accessories are where it's at, as no sartorial buff can have too many of those. Hit a retailer you know they like, and head to the jewellery wall. A delicate necklace, statement ring or lightweight scarf will earn you lots of brownie points. Ask a retail assistant if you need help; they’re a great resource for on-trend information.

Makeup is another item a girl can’t get enough of. It doesn’t matter how full her cosmetic case is, she can always find room for a new lipstick, bronzer or mascara. Spoil your fashion-forward friend with a new beauty must-have. For summer, think light pastel lips, gold illuminators and lots of bronzer.

Sore feet are never fun and they can be inevitable when you wear high heels. Give your gal pal a boost with gel inserts for her shoes. They make a great addition to a gift, and are guaranteed to come in handy.

3. The Foodie

Spoil the main foodie in your life with something that will last longer than a delicious meal. If you’re buying for someone who loves to entertain, gift them with a stunning cutlery set they will treasure forever. They will be reminded of you every time they set the table.

Cookbooks give great inspiration to even the more advanced in the kitchen. Choose a cuisine they may be interested in - the fresh flavours of Thai or Vietnamese food would be perfect over the summer holidays, and reap the benefits by volunteering as their taste tester.

If you need an extra little gift to add, pick up a brightly coloured or novelty apron for your master chef. Choose one that is full of personality, and brings a smile to your face.

Stuck on extra presents for your foodie mum? Check out our step-by-step guide to creating your own biscuit mix here.

4. The Younger Sibling

Treat your younger sibling to a present that will make you the coolest big brother or sister going around. If you want to impress your little bro with an on-the-pulse, must-have gift that'll make his school friends jealous, give him something Star Wars. The new film comes out over summer, and it'll give you the chance to bond over a shared love for Chewbacca.

If your little sister or brother plays a lot of video games or enjoys listening to music, they will love a new pair of headphones. You can go for a basic earbud set or branch out and get funky themed headphones. Their summer playlists will sound so good.

Get your little amigo out and about in the great outdoors by gifting a Polaroid camera. In the digital era, the instant print photographs will be a novelty, as well as a memento to keep forever. If your sibling is lacking in inspiration, put together a photo scavenger hunt for them to complete.

5. The Techie

Gadget-lovers can be tricky to buy for, as they tend to have everything they need… everything they think they need, that is. An external hard drive is one of the most important things for the computer-dependent; however, it often gets forgotten. Make their life that bit easier and tick this must-do off the list for them.

Another handy out-of-the-box present for the techie of the family is a portable speaker. Perfect for connecting to a laptop or phone, your friend will never be without good sound again. The tiny speakers also help to keep the party pumping at a beach picnic or barbecue.

If you want to go all out, or pool money for a joint present, go for a new gaming console. Whether it’s the latest PlayStation, Game Boy or Xbox, your gift will be the favourite of the year.

6. The Super-Mum

Of all the presents you have to buy, Mum's might just be the most important. After all she's done for you during the year, it's time to say a big thank you with a gift she'll love. If your mum is Mum of the Year, she’ll definitely need to stay organised. A beautiful diary or desk calendar will do just the trick.

Many mums love to read but it can get heavy lugging around a paperback novel. Make her life easier and her handbag lighter with an e-reader. Perfect for a bedtime read or lazing by the pool these holidays.

Being a mum is a full-time job, so if you think yours needs some TLC - why not buy her a book of healthy and delicious smoothies and snacks? She’ll feel (even more) invincible as she tackles the day!

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