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5 Ways To Make Decorating The Tree More Memorable

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Let’s make a memory!

It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas, and you know what that means! It’s time to drag out the tree and get decorating. But instead of throwing together a few old ornaments, gather the family for some quality time, create new traditions and make memories to last a lifetime.

1. Re-purpose your old mementos into new ornaments

Whatever happened to that letter you wrote Santa when you were five? Or those faded family photos you cut out and collaged? What about those pine cones you painted, pictures you drew and macaroni you oh-so-carefully glued along the edge of a pint-sized frame? It’s time to sort through the boxes piling up in the garage and put your old treasures to good use – what use are they sitting there collecting dust? Re-purpose these gorgeous goodies by transforming them into personalised ornaments. Tie, glue or thread a ribbon, some lace or rope onto your memento and voila! There you have your very own link to history, hanging proudly on your tree all season long.

2. Create an Australian-style tree with native additions

Unlike our American friends, it’s not all ice-skating and pumpkin-spiced lattes come Christmas time in Australia. Blessed with beautiful, sunny weather – all the classic Christmas icons don’t really apply here. Ditch the snowflakes and pay tribute to our homeland with creative, local delights. If you’re lucky enough to live by the beach, why not add a homey, coastal feel to your tree with some shells? If you can’t get enough of our native flora, bring the bush inside with some dried flowers or fruit. Incorporate the best parts of where you live into your decorations for a truly atypical tree.

3. Get your game on and decide who tops the tree

It’s the age old question: who gets the honour of putting the star on top of the tree? Add extra excitement to the activity by designing a way to decide. Come up with a fun, fair way to bestow the privilege – and strengthen family bonds with quality time while you’re at it. Whether you land on a board game, running race or pop quiz, the whole family is sure to get involved, and competitive. Game on!

4. Express your style through a colour scheme

Express yourself! Don’t limit yourself to stereotypical colour schemes and aesthetics. Unleash your personal style and get creative this Christmas. Dreaming of a Legally Blonde-esque Christmas? Think pink – green and red, be gone! Go rose gold, retro, ombre, plaid or Tiffany blue – the sky is the limit! 

5. Complete the Christmas vibe with seasonal music and snacks 

Is there anything more Christmas-y than the smell of freshly-baked gingerbread cookies? Add to the experience by preparing holiday-inspired treats to snack on while you work. Press play on your favourite carols CD and sing along to get into the spirit. Once your tree is finished, reward yourselves with a family movie night - complete with snacks of course! The only question is: Elf or The Grinch? As you enjoy each other’s company, be sure to take a moment to appreciate how lucky we are to have something to celebrate, and people to celebrate with!

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