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Classic family board games

Category: kids

Keep the whole family entertained (and away from their screens) with a classic board game.

Playing a board game together is an easy and excellent way to spend unhurried, enjoyable time together – and, as an added bonus, board games are also rich in learning and development opportunities! Here are some classics we love. Most of these games are recommended for kids 8+, but are worth trying with all primary-aged children. 


Arguably the most famous board game of all time (after Chess), Monopoly remains a great way to spend an hour passing go and winning second place in a beauty pageant. There are many versions (including a junior version for the kids), but we reckon stick to the original.

Interesting fact: for some reason, a lot of Australians (including us!) have been playing Monopoly wrong. When you land on a property that you don’t want to buy, the property is supposed to be auctioned to the highest bidder by the banker, NOT simply left for the next person to land on. This solves the old problem of games dragging on forever!


Perhaps not one for the littlies (as it involves a murder mystery), this classic game of sleuthing and intrigue is great way to learn crucial problem-solving skills. And it’s always fun making a guess: “I think it was Professor Plum, in the study, with the candlestick!” 

Interesting fact: in 2008, Hasbro released and updated Cluedo with modern characters, weapons and rooms, but it was so unpopular that it was discontinued only 4 years later (while the original remains on sale).

Trivial Pursuit

We remember playing this as a kid, and not being able to get ANY of the questions. Luckily for us this classic game of trivia has been updated with newer questions – so you won’t find yourself answering questions about black & white movies or politicians from the sixties!

Our tip: grab the family edition. With questions for both kids and grown-ups, it’s perfect for all skill levels!


Scrabble has regained popularity over the years thanks to computer and smart phone versions, but we reckon there’s nothing like the original! A simple game to learn but a tough one to master, Scrabble is great for growing vocabularies and teaching spelling.

Our tip: as Scrabble is just as good played two player as it is playing with more, get each parent to team up with a child to find and spell the best words together.

The Settlers of Catan

Okay, hear us out. Yes, The Settlers of Catan is as incredibly complex as you remember, and your kids won’t learn the rules easily. Consider it a bonding opportunity! Because once you learn the rules to this epic colony-building game, you’ll have a family activity that will keep you entertained for hours on end!

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