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Creating an indoor winter herb garden

Category: home and DIY

No matter how many winters we’ve seen, the coldest season takes us by surprise every single year. It’s probably too cold to garden outdoors right now, but that doesn’t mean you have to miss out on home-grown goodies.

Herbs grown at home taste deliciously fresh, and because you only harvest what you need, you’ll save money by not needing to buy a whole bunch when you only might need a few sprigs. Check out these tips for how to grow herbs in the comfort of your home this winter!

First, find somewhere to put them

Growing indoors means you need a container to plant your seeds or place your herbs. Even if you’re planning to use the garage or laundry, you don’t need to settle for a plastic or ceramic pot. We recommend using old mismatched teacups and saucers - they’re the perfect size to keep an indoor herb, and it’s a great way to make use of any cups that are currently taking up space and collecting dust in your cupboards.

Use one teacup and saucer per herb, and don’t stress if they don’t match! We love how using unique cups adds personality to each herb. For the kids (and hubby) who might not be able to tell the difference between chives and mint, simply label each with texta on a paddle-pop stick.

…Or make your own

Making a beautiful indoor container for your herbs is easier than you think. First, you’ll need a few supplies from around the house or your local centre:

  • An old jar for each herb
  • Super glue (check on the label that it works with glass)
  • Brown string/twine
  • A bow for each jar

Make sure your jars are clean, and remove any labels. Once they’re dry, lay out some old newspaper and super glue the end of the twine to the neck of the jar. Then, slowly wrap and glue the brown string from the neck down to the base, and let dry. Once the glue is dry, finish each with a simple bow. Voila!


Choose your herbs carefully

There is an incredible variety of herbs, and some grow better indoors than others. The perfect herb to start with if you’ve never grown anything before is basil, as it grows quickly, wilts noticeably if it needs watering, and becomes greener and healthier when you do!

Some other herbs that work well indoors include:

The best thing to do is buy a few you like and see how they go through trial and error. Gardening is all about learning from your mistakes!

Planting and maintaining your indoor garden

The easiest way to do raise herbs indoors is to by using pre-potted starter herbs, rather than trying to grow from seeds. When you transfer them to your new containers, add some potting mix to give them the best chance at thriving. Keep them by a window, as herbs generally need around 4-6 hours of natural light per day.

There are no set rules when it comes to watering your herbs, but as teacups and jars don’t allow drainage, it’s important not to overdo it. A handy tip is to check the soil regularly with your finger. If it feels dry, your herb is thirsty.

Now it’s time for the fun part – harvesting your herbs! Don’t be afraid to harvest early and often, as that will encourage your herbs to grow. Again, there are no set rules on how to do this for every plant, but a good rule to remember is to snip leaves from the top of the plant and leave a few at the bottom.  Enjoy!

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