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DIY Chinese New Year Lantern

Category: kids

Get into the swing of the festivities with our D.I.Y Chinese New Year Lantern.

Calculated according to the Chinese lunar calendar, the Chinese New Year is an event celebrated globally by thousands of people.  This month long festivity showcases colourful street parades, delicious food, Chinese crafts and many years of history.  

Like many other countries, Chinese New Year is a much loved celebration here in Australia. So get the kids into the festive sprit with our fun and easy D.I.Y Chinese New Year Lantern! 

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What you’ll need:

- 1 A4 sheet of decorated paper (cut to size if required)
- 1 A4 sheet of white paper
- 15cm of wire
- 40cm of thin black ribbon (cut it into 4 pieces, each 10cm long)
- Double sided sticky tape
- Gold marker
- A small pencil
- Cellophane paper (preferably a colour that matches your decorated paper)
- Scissors
- Battery powered tea light candles
- Ruler
- Two copies of Chinese symbols


Step 1: Placing your decorated paper horizontally. Using your ruler and pencil, draw a line across the top of the page, 1 cm from the edge. Repeat for the bottom of the page.

Step 2: Then, draw horizontal lines from the top to the bottom of the page, with a 2cm gap between each line.

Step 3: Fold the paper in half, so the top margin meets the bottom as shown. Now use the scissors to cut along the lines till you meet the grey margin.

Step 4: Now open your paper and along your scissor cuts, draw lines with your gold marker to decorate your lantern.

Step 5: Now on the first 2cm panel on the left side of your page, use your gold marker to write a special message from the top to bottom like “Happy Chinese New Year!” “Happy 2015!” or “Good luck for 2015!” 

Step 6: Now cut some cellophane into an A4 size and use your double-sided sticky tape to stick it along the back edges of your lantern.

Step 7: Once that’s done, curve your paper and glue the edges behind your message to create a cylinder shape. 

Step 8: Cut out the Chinese symbols, match them so they correspond with their partner and stick them back to back with a black ribbon in between. 

Step 9: Use the tape to attach the symbols along the edge of your lantern. 

Step 10: Next, cut a circle slightly larger than your battery-powered tea light candle onto your white paper.  Feel free to use a glass to get a perfect circle. 

Step 11: Then, cut a strip of paper and glue it to your circle with your sticky tape. (Use enough tape to fasten your strip)

Step 12: Now on the other side of the circle, use double-sided sticky tape to glue the base of your tea light candle to the center of the circle. (This is where you want to make sure there is enough tape to fasten your strip)

Step 13: Insert the tea light about halfway and glue the strips to the interior of the lantern. 

Step 14: Pierce one side of the lantern, push the wire through to the other side and twist both ends to create a handle. 

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