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DIY paper plate chooks

Category: kids

Looking for a fun craft project to entertain the kids these school holidays? Try these charming and creative paper plate chooks!

There’s no better way to spend some quality time with the kids than getting your hands dirty on some homemade crafts project. We love this simple and creative project that uses paper plates to create these fun and charismatic paper chooks. Plus it’s a great way to get them away from electronic devices and yet another Finding Nemo re-run for the day!

The great thing about these is that the body of the chooks are the perfect blank canvas – so feel free to play with different colours, patterns (or even stickers for the younger kids) to create yours.

Items you will need to make a DIY paper plate chook

What you’ll need: Paper plates, newspapers, masking tape, PVA glue, coloured markers, acrylic paint and various paint brushes.

Folded paper plate with newspaper

Step one: Fold the paper plate in half and loosely fill it with some scrunched up newspaper to create a nice plump shape.

Folded paper plate with newspaper and tape

Step two: With the masking tape, loosely tape the two sides of the plate together.

Paper plate with outline of a tail

Step three: Using another paper plate, draw a beak and tail feathers. Try different shapes of beaks and feathers for something a little different.

Paper plate with tail attached

Step four: Cut the shapes out and attach them to either side of the paper plate like so.

Strips of old newspaper

Step five: Tear or cut your newspaper into thin strips for the paper mache

Bowl of glue for paper mache

Step six: Make the paper mache paste by combining two parts of PVC to one part water. Then, dip the strips of newspaper into the paste and remove the excess by loosely pinching the newspaper front and back with your fingers and run them down the length of the strip.

Bowl of glue for paper mache and brush

Step seven: Cover the entire surface of the paper plate chook with the strips of newspaper. Be sure to have at least two layers of newspaper to give it an even finish and no more than 4 or it will take too long to dry.

Painting the paper plate chook

Step Eight: Once the paper mache dries, it’s time to get creative! Remember to use acrylic paint as this best covers over the darker newspaper and gives you a nice even finish. The rest is up to your imaginations!

DIY paper plate chook

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