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DIY princess costume for kids

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Win the best-mum award this Halloween with this simple, no-sew princess costume.

If you have a primary-school aged daughter, chances are she’s as obsessed with princesses - just ask any fellow parent and they’ll be able to recite the lyrics to “Let it go” – backwards!

So this Halloween, forget the standard animal, superheroes or fairy princess costume. Create your own tailor-made, no-sew princess costume with our step-by-step guide below. If you’ve got a themed dress-up birthday party coming up as well, this is sure to be a hit.

It takes no more than half an hour to make and we guarantee you’ll be your little girl’s hero for weeks to come!

DIY Frozen Halloween Costume for Kids

What you’ll need:

Basic layer: aqua singlet and white leggings from Target and Jewel Stickers from craft shop

No-sew tutu: 2 meters of white tulle, 2.5 meters of aqua fabric, 1m accent fabric (something with a bit of sparkle) and about 1m of matching aqua ribbon (or elastic),

Cape: 2 meters of sheer white (preferably sparkly) fabric

Others: Aqua tiara, scissors, sharpie and measuring tape, all from The Reject Shop.

DIY Frozen Halloween Costume for Kids

Start by using the jewel stickers to add some sparkly detail to the singlet top. Silver or pearl details are the best and remember to keep it simple – it’s all about the dress!

DIY Frozen Halloween Costume for Kids

Measure around your child’s waist roughly at the height of her belly button. Add about 15cms to this measurement and cut a piece of ribbon or elastic to this combined length to make the belt for the tutu.

DIY Frozen Halloween Costume for Kids

Cut strips of the aqua fabric, white tulle and accent fabric with a length twice the height of your daughter from her hipbone to the ground and around 6 inches (15cms) in width.

Depending on what you’d like the size and fullness of the dress to be, you’ll need about 25 pieces of material in total.

DIY Frozen Halloween Costume for Kids

To attach the strips of fabric to the belt, use a slip knot. To make a slip knot, fold the fabric in half under the belt (step 1). Loop the fold over the belt (step 2) and pull the loose end through the knot (step 3). Tighten and continue down the belt with the fabric, alternating the aqua strips with the white tulle and accent fabric (step 4).

DIY Frozen Halloween Costume for Kids

Continue to attach more strips of fabric until you’ve made up the full length of the waist measurement. There should be enough ribbon/elastic left to tie the dress together with a bow.

DIY Frozen Halloween Costume for Kids

For the cape, simply draw a semi-circle on the short edge of the fabric. This will create a nice rounded edge for the cape’s train. To attach the cape, tie each end of the other short edge (the opposite edge to the one you’ve just cut) to the child’s arms. This will give a nice off-the-shoulder effect, as opposed to a super hero’s cape.

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