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Easy Halloween Snacks for Kids

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If you’re of the opinion that Halloween is strictly an American celebration, then we’re here to tell you that this definitely is not the case. Halloween has gained popularity here in Australia and now it’s one of the most celebrated events on our calendar!

Kids and adults alike love dressing up in their spookiest costumes, making freaky snacks and hitting the streets for a spot of trick-or-treating, right? And with the wide variety of costumes, recipes and household items available across our Stockland retailers, it’s easier than ever to get in the Halloween ‘spirit' (see what we did there?)

Halloween Treats

So whether you’re hosting your own Halloween party this year or just want to prep something for the trick-or-treaters when they come knocking, we’ve put together a list of quick and easy Halloween snacks that are extra spooky, but most importantly, extra delicious.

Ghost Lollipops

Easy Halloween Snacks For Kids  

This is a super quick and easy Halloween treat that is sure to be a crowd favourite. Simply purchase a selection of your favourite lollipops (we used Chupa Chups), a box of tissues, a permanent marker, and pieces of ribbon to tie.

Halloween Snacks for Kids 

Once you have everything you need, place a Chupa Chup inside a tissue and using a piece of ribbon, secure in place at the base of the lollipop.

Easy Halloween snacks for kids 

Using the permanent marker, give your ghost some eyes and you’re good to go! Repeat as many times as you like and place in a bowl, ready for your party guests.

Cheesy Broomsticks

Easy Halloween snacks for kids

We couldn’t put together a list of Halloween snacks without including cheese (because, cheese), so we got a little creative and put together these neat cheesy broomsticks we think the kids (and you!) will love.

All you need is a packet of cheese sticks, a box of fresh chives and some skewers. It’s as simple as that! 

Easy Halloween snacks for kids  

Firstly, cut the cheese stick into three small pieces. Spread apart one end of each piece to make it look like the end of a broomstick.Easy Halloween snacks for kids

Poke the skewer into the other end of the piece of cheese, and tie a thin piece of fresh chive around the cheese to finish it off. How cool!  

Easy Halloween snacks for kids

‘Snakes Alive’ Spiders

Easy Halloween snacks for kids

A seasoned Halloween party beverage, the spider is one of our favourites to make, and drink. And the best part is it requires hardly any ingredients and can be whipped up in no time.

All you need for this is vanilla ice cream, creaming soda, lemonade or coke, and snake lollies (we love Allen’s Snakes Alive!). In a tall glass, place a scoop of vanilla ice cream and fill with soft drink of your choice. To finish it off, pop a few snakes in the top and it’s ready to serve!   

Green Slime Popcorn

Easy Halloween snacks for kids

Now, we know this doesn’t look all that appetising, but we promise it is! And aside from the sickly-sweet taste, this green slime popcorn will take you less than 10 minutes to put together, making it a perfect last-minute Halloween snack. 

For this, you’ll need butter, brown sugar, light corn syrup, miniature marshmallows, vanilla extract, yellow and green food colouring, and of course, popcorn!

Place ½ cup butter, 1 cup brown sugar and 2 tablespoons corn syrup in a saucepan and cook until sugar is dissolved. Remove from the heat and add 2 cups of miniature marshmallows and vanilla extract.

Add in the green and yellow food colouring and stir. Add more colouring if needed. Then pour mixture over cooked popcorn and stir with a large spoon.

Ghost Bananas

Easy Halloween snacks for kids

Even though we love the lollies and sweet treats that come with Halloween, we also know how important it is to eat healthy. Which is why we’ve included Ghost Bananas in our list of Halloween party snacks. Requiring little to no preparation, these are the perfect party treat for the health-conscious little ones.
To make, simply melt a small amount of chocolate, and once slightly cooled, pop into a piping bag.
Peel bananas and finish off by drawing on eyes and a mouth with the melted chocolate. So simple, and so delicious!

Spooky Mummy Sausage Rolls

Easy Halloween snacks for kids

And lastly, we have mummy inspired sausage rolls. What is probably our favourite Halloween snack, this yummy treat requires a little prep, but outside of that it’s a quick and easy option for the hungriest of party guests.
All you’ll need for this is puff pastry, cheerios and mustard.

Firstly, cook the cheerios by bringing a large pan of hot water to the boil for about 10-15 minutes. Remove from the pan and allow them to cool, before wrapping in puff pastry.

Once the cheerios are all wrapped up in pastry, brush with egg yolk and place in an oven for 10 minutes or until golden brown. Remove and using mustard, give your mummies some eyes, and you’re done!


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