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Easy NYE Party Food Ideas

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Ring in the New Year the right way – with snacks in hand.

Summer - it’s the season of celebration! From glitzy New Year’s events to casual beachside BBQ’s and Saturday night soirees, your social calendar and champagne flute is set to be overflowing. But instead of reaching for a last-minute box of Favourites, (or worse, arriving empty handed), the next time you’re invited to an event, whip up one of our easy NYE party food ideas and enjoy a very warm welcome.

1. Spinach-style cob loaf
The humble cob loaf has well and truly taken the world of food by storm. Emerging as the most sought after snack of the year, this tasty table topper is the perfect addition to any party. Simply cut the top off and hollow out your bread bowl, fill it with a mixture of spinach, cream cheese, sour cream and herbs and serve with the missing bread for dipping purposes!

NYE Party Ideas

2. Fresh and fruity frosé
Frosé. Need we go on? Whoever first took delicious pink wine (also known as rosé) and decided to freeze it is a true genius. Combat our non-stop Aussie heat and satisfy your sugar craving at the same time with this match made in heaven. Better yet, bring a jug to a friend’s place and take home the best guest award every time.

NYE Food Ideas

3. Berry-topped cheese platter.
Is it even a party without a cheese platter? We think not. You simply can’t go wrong with this always-popular appetiser. Grab your favourite farm-style serving board and adorn with all your favourite cheeses. Think brie, blue and cheddar – and don’t forget the quince! But don’t stop there. Take your platter to another level by adding some fruit. We recommend dark chocolate-dipped strawberries for ultimate decadence.


4. Skewers of several varieties.
When you think of easy-to-eat party food, what comes to mind? Skewers of course. Chicken on a stick is a staple at almost every celebration. But what else could you add? Don’t limit yourself to classic meats. Branch out and try skewering everything from vegetables, to fruit, to cheese and lollies. The sky is the limit!


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