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Sneak a workout into your day-to-day routine

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The benefits of regular exercise are well documented, but who honestly has the time? Here are 10 sneaky ways to slip in a little workout into your day-to-day activities.

The trick is to rethink physical activity as a lifestyle choice, rather than a task to tick off your to-do list. The best way to stay active and increase your levels is to look at your daily routine and consider ways to refocus your activity here and there. Why not try some of these simple, practical ways to work exercise into your day when you're short on free time:

  • Do more on foot, from talking on the phone to checking your emails. Whether you're walking or just standing, you're still burning those calories.
  • Take the stairs (2 at a time if you can) instead of using the elevator or escalator
  • Checking the letterbox? Take a brisk 5-minute power walk up the street in one direction then back down in the other. 
  • In the afternoon, after dinner or on the weekends, go outside and play with your kids and their friends. Kick a footy, play tip - anything that means everyone can join in!
  • Heading to Stockland? Carry the groceries back to the car (or all the way home, if you’re within walking distance!)
  • Wash the car, do the gardening, mow the lawn, sweep the patio – you’d be amazed how much energy everyday chores can burn!
  • Dust off your bike and use it to travel short trips. On weekends, take the family out for a bike ride around the neigbourhood.
  • If you catch public transport, get off one stop early and walk the rest of the way. If you’re driving, park a little bit further away than you usually would.
  • Walk or jog around the field during the kids’ sports practice.
  • Walk the dog more often, either on your own or with the family.

Have we missed anything? What are your everyday fitness tips?

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