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Get the low-down on the top homewares trends of 2015

This year interiors are being stripped back. Taking inspiration from Scandinavian design, monochrome palettes and minimalism will reign supreme with hints of colour and stylish trimmings. Here are the top trends to lift this year’s toned down design and breathe new life into your home. 

Metallic embellishments 

All that glitters is gold for improving your interiors this season! Luckily many homewares retailers have jumped on board with this trend, so you won’t have any trouble finding a shiny addition to add to your living spaces. A hint of yellow gold, rose gold, bronze or silver add a touch of elegance without breaking the budget. Remember less is more, so there’s no need to pack in the metallic hues; pick up one or two statement pieces (like a vase, mirror or planter) to inject small pops of luxury. 

Blue hues 

This trend pairs perfectly with your new metallic additions. From deep, watery shades of indigo, to royal blue, azure, cornflower and, our personal go-to, navy, use these ultra-calming shades to freshen up your walls or simply throw in a few embellishments that you can easily change up next season. A printed cushion is the perfect piece to dress your bedroom or lounge, and will help make your space feel more like home. 

Natural influences 

Unfinished, raw-inspired materials are your furnishing friends this year. Go for natural, unvarnished timbers, contrasted with concrete or unpolished stone. Start with a simple rug in neutral tones and add plant life to create a tranquil base. Finish the room with an abundance of naturally occurring colours like green, tan and cream. 

Hot Tip: For some DIY fun, buy a white pot, masking tape and metallic or blue paint and get your creative juices flowing! Use the masking tape to map out shapes or stripes on your vase (make sure it’s stuck flat so the paint doesn’t bleed), and get painting. Wait for it to touch dry, then peel off the tape and leave overnight before you pot a stunning indoor fern.

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