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Floral tips and tricks to brighten up your home

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Brighten up your home this autumn with these stunning in season flowers and learn tips and tricks on how to create floral arrangements and keep your flowers lasting longer. 

There's nothing quite like the delicate scent and the vivid appearance of flowers in your home. These aromatic beauties can instantly improve your mood,  create a more welcoming living environment or add the final touch to your dinner party table setting.

While placing flowers in your home is nothing new, it’s sometimes hard to know what’s in season or how to maximize the life of your beautiful bouquet. So to brighten up your weary winter mood we’ve got some tips on the best in season flowers to use, how to make them last longer and a couple of our favourite flower arranging tricks that are sure to impress your friends and family!

Flowers in Season:

Tuberose: These fragrant white waxy flowers initially became popular in the perfume industry and are now often used in floral arrangements. While Tuberose flowers are naturally white, plant breeders have been able to cultivate shades of pale pink, deep yellow, a pale shade of yellow and a blend of pink and lavender.

Geraldton wax: These beautiful blooms are widely cultivated throughout Australia and last a relatively long time after cutting, making it a great selection for your home bouquet. Geraldton wax are known to form petals in soft purple, pink and a touch of white.

Cymbidium Orchids: These elegant flowers feature fragrant sprays of soft yellow, pink, orange, red and even green petals, providing an instant pop of colour to any environment. This particular type of orchid is more tolerant to colder temperatures than others in its species.

Tips on how to extend the life of your flowers:

- Flowers usually have a shorter life span when they’re arranged in a vase with other types of flowers. So to extend their life, don’t mix and match. 

- When flowers die their stalks release bacteria and algae that usually lingers in the vase. If the vase is simply left to dry, the bacteria lives on and multiplies, reducing the life of your flowers. So to thoroughly clean your vase, use a teaspoon of bleach and hot soapy water to help extend the life of your flowers. 

- Once your flower stalks are out of water, air rapidly moves up the water-conducting tissues and plugs the stem cells. So before you place your bought or home grown flowers into a vase, cut a few centimetres off the ends of the stalks so water can travel freely and feed your flowers. To assure no air enters the flowers stems, the flowers should be cut under water at a 45 degree angle. 

- Remove any leaves that may be submerged in the water because when these leaves breakdown, they reduce the lifespan and crispness of your flowers.

- Preservatives can be bought from any florist which can increase the lifespan of your blooming beauties.


Here are some great flower arranging tricks:|
- When creating a bouquet, place larger flowers in the vase first and then fill your arrangement with smaller, airier blooms. - Remember to turn your vase as you’re creating your bouquet to ensure even placement and leave enough space for your flowers to open in time.

- Make your flower arrangement width balance its height by spreading out your flowers.

- If you’re after an interesting look, mix different textures and colours for a monochromatic effect.

- When using open flowers, try to arrange them at various heights and angles to show off their different shapes and petals.

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