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Top tips for celebrating Halloween in Australia

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Double, double toil and trouble, fire burn and cauldron bubble because Spooktober has arrived and the scariest night of the year is almost upon us. In Australia, real cobwebs have usually been more popular than fake ones, but as each October 31st comes and goes, more and more Aussies are embracing the ghastly fun. To ensure the only scary part of your night is the decorations, knowing what to expect and how to prepare will help make it a trick-free treat. Creep it real this Halloween with our top tips on how to do Halloween with your family true-blue Aussie-style, plus where you can get the best costumes and décor right here at Stockland!

Trick or Treaters recieving candy on Halloween


Historically, dressing up was done to ward off scary ghosts, so make sure to tell them a big buh-bye with the best costumes of the night! But first, here’s a few little tips from us.

No Hazards Here
When you’re dressing up the kids this Halloween, stay away from long capes that can easily become tripping hazards and avoid props that could become a little too real. 

Know What Goes Bump In The Night
Attaching a few strips of reflective tape on their costume will help them be easier to spot on the night and use face paint instead of masks so they have clear vision for spooking! 

Don’t Be Frightened By The Weather
Even though the American Halloween will inspire thoughts of orange leaves falling from trees and a cool autumn breeze, we’re still in Australia, mate, so dress for the weather. 

Costumes For Everyone
The little ones will be brewtiful in the Witch Dress from Big W or fang-tastic with the Vampire Costume from Target. Mum can be creepy and kooky with the Morticia Costume from Big W and if Dad is feeling like lazy bones, the Big W Skeleton T-Shirt has him covered. Your four-legged fur-babies can also get in on the haunting fun by becoming your eight-legged friends thanks to Kmart’s Spider Pet Costume!

Halloween costume ideas (skeleton, Witch, Dracula)

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Figuring out which homes are hiding behind their front doors and which are hiding from their front doors is integral to ensuring the only surprises this Halloween sound like, “Boo!” In America, whether you’re the tricker or the treater, the entire neighbourhood gets involved, but Australians sometimes have other places to be come October 31st. The good thing, though, is that the houses that welcome little ghouls and ghosts are pretty easy to spy.  

Is This House Ready For Your Trick Or Treat?
A new Australian Halloween tradition involves an orange balloon being left at the front of the house, so if you see one bobbing, you can go knocking. 

Get Your Neighbours Involved
In the lead up to Halloween, don’t just give your neighbours a polite wave when you pass them by, ask them if they would like to be involved in the ghastly goodness as they may not even know you and your little goblins are keen for Halloween! 

Turn Your Home Into A Welcoming Haunted House
If you’re on the receiving end and would like to make your home vampire, witch or monster friendly, go all out with cackling pumpkins from Big W, hanging heathens from Kmart or rolling skulls from Target. 

Make Sure The Sweets Are All Sweet
Even though it may be like watching a real-life horror movie for them, make sure to check your child’s loot before they start digging in to ensure there isn’t anything not so sweet!

Halloween Decorations

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The fun doesnt stop there, we have more DIY Halloween inspirations for you to try including Face Paint Ideas, Spooky Punch Mix and Watermelon Jack O'Lantern decor

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