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Get Your Kids into the Giving Spirit

Category: entertainment

Charity begins at home. Here are a couple of ideas to teach your kids to share the love at Christmas.

If the kids are lost for something to do during the hottest days of summer encourage them to raise money for a local charity by setting up a neighbourhood lemonade stand or carwash. It’s a great way for them to get to know the neighbours as well.

Lemonade stand
The lemonade stand requires little input from parents. A big bag of lemons, small bag of ice in a bucket and a couple of large plastic jugs should just about do it. Add caster sugar, boiling water (you’ll need to supervise them at this stage) and a table or crates to set up the stand at the front of your property, preferably under a tree or sun umbrella. Get the youngsters to paint or texta their own sign and put the budding maths genius in charge of the cash box.

The car wash
Invest in a decent car washing shampoo, then connect up the hose and get the kids to organise a bucket brigade with old towels. They will need at least one bucket for soaping and another for rinsing. Tell them to start by hosing down the entire car, then work from the top to the bottom in sections, soaping then rinsing and wiping clean in small circular movements. High hose pressure and plenty of water are important. Use a squeegee, then a towel on the windows and finish with the wheels, since they are the dirtiest. The sign and money management is as above, and be prepared for thoroughly wet entrepreneurs at the end of their efforts.

At the end of the day, organise for the kids to donate the funds they raise in person. They’ll be glowing with pride.

For more ways to help people this festive season head to Charitable Things to do this Christmas.

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