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Getting ready to go back to school

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The beginning of a new year can be a chance for a fresh start with some heathy new habits. But for some teenagers and children going back to school, this time can also be a daunting one. 

Our CARE Foundation partner ReachOut understands the concerns young people may have when heading back to school at the end of January. To help, they have a variety of resources, tips and suggestions for how to transition back to school and make the most of their study habits. 

If you have a child nervous about heading back to school (or you are nervous for them), here are some of their top suggestions.

Apps to help when school starts

After an entire summer holiday of late nights and sleep-ins, it can be hard to get back into the swing of things.

Recharge uses the latest sleep science to create a daily routine for better sleep . A better sleep routine can  improve your mood,  energy and  general wellbeing.

The Check In takes you through when to have a chat, things you might want to say and how to avoid saying the wrong thing to help your child reconnect with friends they haven’t seen all summer

Read the full article for more app suggestions to help with mental health, managing stress and organising study/life balance.

Foods that help your brain

Your brain needs constant topping up with the fuel it operates on—glucose, which is a type of sugar. If your brain isn't properly fuelled, you're likely to feel sad and irritable and also have trouble sleeping, poor memory, and difficulty problem-solving. 

Healthy brain food for studying includes:
Protein helps your brain send messages to the rest of your body and helps create brain chemicals that improve your mood.
Antioxidants can help delay or even prevent certain effects of aging on the brain.
Omega-3s have been found to help your brain work harder and improve your mental health.
Water. Your brain is 73% water, and water is vital to keeping your body (and brain) in tip-top shape.’

You can find food examples and suggestions here

Preparing for tests and exams
Need some study tips for exams? Amy, Philip, Calypso and Christo serve up a bunch of genius study hacks and effective study techniques to get your study habits in shape. Watch the video here.

You can find more articles and resources in ReachOut’s Back to School Collection.

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