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Grazing board ideas you will love for Valentine’s Day

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If there’s one take-away from 2020, it’s to not pass up an opportunity to celebrate and connect with our loved ones. And the international day of love – Valentine’s Day – is a wonderful opportunity to do just that. We’re not saying it needs to be a grand event (because well… life!), but there are a few thoughtful things you can do at home to feel connected. Like a Valentine’s Day grazing board!

With three clever ideas and all the fresh ingredients you need in the one convenient location, your local Stockland centre, you’ll be creating meaningful memories in no time. PS, if you scroll to the bottom of this blog, you’ll find our top tips and essentials!

Indulgent family grazing board

A grazing plate with a variety of foods on a white table next to a vase of pink flowers.

If you’re looking for a simple, yet romantic way to spend the day of love, then this indulgent grazing board will tick all the boxes. Bursting with fresh seasonal fruit and veg, dips and chutneys, and some beautiful blooms from your local Stockland centre, it’s bound to be a colourful and caring way to share your love on Valentine’s Day. And for those who might’ve left it too late for a sitter (we’ve all been there) not all is lost, because this healthy board can be made with help from your little loves. After all, February 14 is about care and connection and your kids are bound to enjoy helping you put together a thoughtful board. Not to mention keep them entertained for a few hours! 

What you need:

A large timber tray (with curved edges to keep the goodies from falling off)
Bread sticks
Watermelon, sliced 
Cranberry artisan crackers 
Feta dip
Basil pesto dip
Baby cucumbers, sliced
Carrots, sliced 
Lisianthus or Blushing Brides (native flower) in a vase

Picnic grazing board to go

A grazing box with a variety of foods.  

It’s easy to forget how great we feel after spending time outdoors with our loved ones. The gentle breeze through the trees, the smell of freshly cut grass, no reservations to be made, and the ability to personalise your menu – picnics are a fantastic Valentine’s Day idea. And for this, you’ll want a grazing board to go! Tick off these essentials for a truly romantic and personalised experience. 

What you need: 

A medium shallow cardboard box (preferably with a lid!)
Cooler bag for transport
Picnic blanket
Hard cheeses like smokey cheddar and assorted soft cheeses (keep these in the cooler bag until you arrive)
Kiwi fruit, sliced in half
Stuffed olives
Sea salt and pepper wafer crackers 
Capsicum dip

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Movie night dessert board  

A grazing plate with a variety of sweets and love heart themed treats.  

Valentine’s Day classics are romantic for a reason and with a little inspiration, can turn into some of the most meaningful memories. Life is busy, there’s no denying it, but a movie night and dessert board is such a simple way to spark the romance! And with our suggestions for the top flicks to suit every taste and an easy step-by-step guide to whipping up a delish dessert board, you’ll be feeling the love in no time. 

For a list of the delicious essentials and some simple recipes see our DIY romantic dessert board blog here

Valentine’s Day grazing board essentials 

A grazing plate with a variety of foods.  

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Be adventurous: choose ingredients in different colours, textures and flavours. And don’t be afraid to mix and match savoury, sweet and sour – like chocolate covered pretzels!

Make it personal: include their favourite snacks and appetisers. Perhaps it was something you shared on your first date?

Theme: it doesn’t have to be cliché and over-the-top, but a few thoughtful touches will go a long way. Like little hearts cut into the camembert and filled with pomegranate seeds or cranberry sauce. Or strawberries cut into heart shapes – yum!

How to build your board: when laying out your board, a good rule of thumb is to space out three cheeses, place three ramekins with dips or chutneys next to them, add crackers in-between, and fruit, veg, and some cheeky choccies to fill the gaps. Finish it with some beautiful seasonal flowers in a vase and – voila! 

Celebrating love and connection can be as big or as small as you wish, and you’ll find all the ingredients and essentials at your local Stockland centre. 

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