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Guide to solve your party worries

Category: entertainment

Careful considerations

Before planning the perfect soirée think about:

The time you plan to have the event.

If you’re hosting a late afternoon gathering, guests will probably have eaten. Make sure not to overcompensate on food and avoid serving big meals. Instead, stick to nibbles your guests can snack on.

Rain, hail or shine.

Think about the season. If it’s a hot day, try opting for citrus salads and cold meats. For the cooler months, stick to hot savoury dishes.

How long will your party go for?

If you plan to party into the wee hours, make sure to order extra food and drinks for your guests!

What types of food will you serve?

If planning for a casual affair, cater to your guests by serving simple hors d’oeuvres. This will help minimise the time spent on the clean-up as well. A seated meal is great for more formal occasions. Make sure you include all crockery and cutlery in your planning and budgeting.

Who are your guests?

Think about the people coming. Will there be predominantly men or women? If men, make sure to cater for large portion sizes as they typically eat more than women. Think about your guests’ dietary requirements. Is anyone vegetarian, gluten intolerant or lactose intolerant?

What is the occasion?

If it is a formal occasion, like a wedding or engagement, guests are likely to consume more drinks and food. If it’s a low-key event where people will be coming and going as they please, make sure to keep the food and drinks to a minimum. 

A guideline for how much food to serve at a party:

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