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Help your kids develop healthy habits today

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As parents, we know we should foster healthy habits in our kids from an early age, but where do you start?

The trick is to start small. Setting goals that are achievable is the secret to adopting any new behavior and gradual changes can make a big difference to your family’s health over time. With that in mind, here are three simple ways you can help your kids develop healthy habits starting today:

Healthy Eating Habits – Cook With Your Kids

The best place for kids to learn healthy eating habits is in their own kitchens. If they understand how food is made and where the ingredients come from, they’ll be better equipped to make the right choices in the future. Plus, most kids love getting involved!

Let them watch what you’re doing while you talk them through the steps – where each ingredient is from and why you’re doing each step. Later you can teach them how to read recipes and get them to help measure ingredients. Try getting your kids involved while you prepare the next day’s lunch

Speaking of healthy habits, don’t forget to teach them about kitchen safety and cleaning up afterwards - they’ll LOVE making a mess!

A Healthy Imagination – Read, Read, Read

It seems obvious, but there’s truly no better way to foster a healthy imagination in your kids than to get them reading. Spend just ten minutes reading to them at bedtime, or get your eldest reading to your youngest; good books and stories expand children’s worlds by introducing them to characters, places, time periods and situations to which they might not otherwise be exposed.

Finding good reading material for your kids can be tricky, so ask for help or recommendations from other parents. Visit you local library or bookstore with your kids and get recommendations based on who they are and what they like. Then, once you discover something they love, read, read, read!

A Healthy Lifestyle – Team Sports

Again, the simple tips are often the best! Team sports are a fantastic way to teach your kids to stay active. As well as being healthier and physically stronger than kids who don’t play in organized sports, some studies have shown that joining a team early in life can build confidence , teach emotional self-control , even raise IQ!

We here at Stockland are big believers in supporting local teams, and a number of our centres offer sponsorship opportunities through our Spirit Award. So ask your local centre about what we can do for YOUR team today.

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