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Unique Baby Shower Activities

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The essence of a baby shower is celebrating the mum-to-be and dad-to-be, and the imminent arrival of a new little bundle of joy to the family. It’s important to make the day feel like a heart-felt celebration that recognises the momentous addition. With adorable, baby-focused activities, you can make the day one for the history books.

While sitting around opening gifts is an essential and often very adorable part of the day, why not incorporate another few activities as well? You can make the gift opening time into a guessing game, write messages to the baby to be placed in a keepsake box or play ‘pin the pacifier on the baby’ (in the same vein as pin the tail on the donkey). 

For a cheap, easy to coordinate and memorable game, decorate tiny baby onesies with personalised messages. Offer a range of coloured fabric paints, smocks for guests to cover their clothes with and a clear area for painting. Adorable gold coat hangers and customised ‘Made with Love’ tags will add an extra special touch to this budget friendly activity. 

Baby Shower Onezies on a fence

Hang along the fence or on the clothesline and make sure to snap a photo of all the baby onesies together on the day. Baby will be able to wear these special-made jumpsuits once they come into the world—a memento from all those who love them. 

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