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DIY At Home Kids Spa Night

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If you’re searching for a slumber party activity that will entertain the little ones for hours, a DIY kids spa night is a fantastic option to consider.  

Set up a DIY spa table with all the items they need for a facial, manicure and pamper. Single-use facemasks are perfect for the occasion, and the best part is, you can join the fun as well. Coupled with fresh cucumber slices, this will make any little girl feel like a million dollars. Add brushes, bows and colourful hair ties to the DIY table along with foot scrubs, nail buffers and of course, cotton tips and wipes. 

Various cosmetics on a table

Some floral perfumes, nail polish and lipstick will also not go astray on the DIY spa table. While you might choose to discourage your children from playing around with makeup, lipstick is an easy way to make them feel like they’re getting dressed up, without clogging their delicate skin and pores with foundation and other products unnecessarily. 

Young girl using beauty products

Offering a number of nail polishes in fun colours is also a great addition to a DIY spa evening. Instead of traditional nail polish colours like nude and red, offer fun pastels such as yellow and baby blue. This creates an experience that’s more focused on the fun, rather than having their nails done for the purpose of feeling “grown-up”.

Make up table

Grab a few matching dressing gowns, headbands and slippers for your kids and yourself. 

Girls lying down with cucumbers over there eyes

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