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The Best Sleepover Party Food

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When it comes to sleepover party food, it’s important to consider that this is not just a normal day. While it may be tempting to lay out the carrot sticks and hummus for movie time snacks, offering up some delicious treats will be much more appreciated by the little ones.

Afternoon Delights
While healthy eating is of course encouraged, a slumber party marks a special occasion where some treats are okay. Offer the sugary food in the afternoon instead of right before bed, so they have the time to run it off. Remember to shoot out a friendly reminder to parents to advise of any allergies or intolerances a few days before the sleepover, so that you have time to plan accordingly.

Party Milk Shakes

Sweets Table
A sweets table is a beautiful option for the afternoon. If you don’t have time to bake yourself, there are plenty of delicious options that can be purchased from your local Stockland centre that taste just as good as homemade, if not better. Opt for jars of sweets, as well as muffins, finger buns and of course, doughnuts.

Dessert Table

For breakfast the next morning, opt for food that’s more nutritious, so you’re not sending children home to their parents on a sugar high. Juice and fruit can be accompanied by pancakes and yoghurt for the perfect a delicious, healthy option.

Avoid mess indoors and make breakfast more fun by setting up a table outside on the lawn if weather permits. This creates more of a picnic atmosphere, which kids of all ages will love. It’s also a great way to come together again as a group and celebrate a wonderful evening before everyone goes home.

Young Girl eating breakfast

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