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5 simple ways to give back to your community

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We’re big fans of local communities and the people who make them tick. That’s the idea behind the Stockland Community Grants Program, in which we fund the ideas of local legends (up to $5,000) to make their communities a better place.

Of course, a Stockland Community Grant is just one of many ways you can support your town or suburb. If you’d like to contribute to your own community but don’t have a big idea, have much time, or even know where to start, check out these great ideas for things that anybody can do to help their community shine.

Be Vocal

There are so many ways to be proud of your community, starting with how you talk about it. Every community has problems, but if you focus on the things you love when you talk about your town with your friends and family, your enthusiasm will catch on.

Shop Local

Do you have a local butcher, or grocer? How about a café that’s been around for years? Shopping local has a number of great advantages: your money will go directly back into the community, you’ll enjoy an experience that’s exclusive to your neighbourhood and – perhaps most importantly - you’ll be developing the relationships that are the key to building a close-knit community.

Be House Proud

Another area to take pride in is your garden. Get rid of those pesky weeds, mow the lawn as regularly as possible - maybe even introduce a few garden gnomes! When your home looks spruced up, it encourages your neighbours to spruce theirs up and in turn helps the community itself look better as well.

Get Involved

Attend a local festival, like a fete or a car boot sale. Most have free admission and activities, so they’re perfect for your family if you’re on a tight budget. A lot of these festivals are also fundraisers for local and non-profit organisations that make their money through sponsorships, so your attendance can help increase what businesses give next year.


If you’d like to contribute to the community on a more formal basis, consider volunteering. With sites like, and, finding a volunteer role that’s right for you is easier than ever. Choose the time commitment you can give, where you’d like to volunteer and what skills you have. You could find yourself driving local seniors to do their shopping, assisting local disadvantaged kids with their homework, even helping the local council keep your community fresh and green!

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