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Jules Sebastian Interviews ReachOut

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Join Jules Sebastian, as she talks with Ashley de Silva, CEO of ReachOut, about COVID-19, young people and mental health. Understand how to better support young people in your life.

About ReachOut:

ReachOut is the most accessed online mental health service for young people and their parents in Australia. Their trusted self-help information, peer-support program and referral tools save lives by helping young people be well and stay well. The information they offer parents makes it easier for them to help their teenagers, too.
ReachOut has been championing wider access to mental health support since they launched their online service more than 20 years ago. Everything they create is based on the latest evidence and is designed with experts, and young people or their parents. That’s why ReachOut is a trusted, relevant service that’s so easy to use.
Accessed by more than 2 million people in Australia each year, ReachOut is a free service that’s available anytime and pretty much anywhere. Find information and tools at and
Stockland CARE Foundation is proud to partner with ReachOut.

About Jules Sebastian:

Jules Sebastian is a Sydney-based TV presenter, stylist, public speaker and philanthropist. Jules’ presenting career began at the helm of MTV’s Style Me with her warm and down-to-earth personality establishing her as a popular TV presenter. In the social media space, Jules leads the lifestyle pack with an impressive following on Instagram, she also presents a regular interview series Tea with Jules on YouTube which has over 3 million views. Jules is a mother to two young children.
Watch the episode in the video link above. 

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