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Watch: Kids DIY flower craft video

Category: kids

Give your kids the opportunity to explore their creative talents, with our easy DIY flower craft.

The items for this crafty little project can be easily found around the house or at your local Stockland shopping centre. Check out our video tutorial or follow the easy steps below to learn just how it’s made.

What you’ll need:
Canvas (We used a 30x40cm canvas)
Paint (Your favourite colour)
Medium paint roller or paintbrush
5 green pipe cleaners
5 different coloured buttons
5 different coloured cupcake patties
30cm ribbon (Your favourite colour)
PVA or Craft glue

Step 1. Paint the canvas with your favourite colour
Step 2. Turn the cupcake patties inside out and glue each base to the canvas, creating a bouquet.
Step 3. To create the flower buds, glue the buttons to the center of each cupcake patty
Step 4. Tie the ribbon around the pipe cleaners and make a bow
Step 5. Place a little glue at the back of the bow and press down on to the canvas
Tip: You can add a hook to the back of your canvas to hang the stunning master piece

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