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Learn how to detox the right way

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Overindulged these holidays? Follow these detoxing tips by our experts to rejuvenate your body in 2015!

Now that the party season has simmered down, we’re all keen to kick start a healthier diet and help our bodies recover from the excess during the holiday season. 

So to help us with a little advice and guidance, we spoke to Penelope Hallett (known as Penny by the locals), an expert naturopath from the family-owned and run Healthy Life in Stockland Balgowlah to give us a few tips.

Are trending diets like juice flushes, 5:2 or even sugar-free diets a good way to detox and cleanse our body?

We live in a society where food often brings us together for social gatherings, so you might be setting yourself up for failure by setting such high expectations. If you “eliminate in one go all caffeine, alcohol and sugar ... (think of) the withdrawals from such a sudden departure of these items!” advises Penny

“Whilst there is no doubt the removal of sugar, caffeine, and alcohol will benefit our general health, the important aspect of any diet you choose to follow is to ensure you alter your diet slowly and ensure it is based largely on fresh fruit and vegetables, high quality protein, beneficial fats, and fresh water, with little to no processed, sugary foods featuring in it as possible.”

What should we look for in a good detox program?

“A proper detoxification requires more input than taking a few pills, and involves more than the liver” says Penny. “The body has 5 main organs of elimination/detoxification: 1. Skin 2. Liver 3. Kidneys (via the urine) 4. Bowel (via the stool) 5. Lungs” says Penny.  “It is important to address all these organs of elimination in a gentle manner, and to also keep in mind that the first few days you will be feeling pretty grotty before you start to feel the fantastic rewards of a detoxification” Penny says.

A great example of a detoxification program that addresses all the 5 detoxification organs is:

  • Do a dry skin body brush before the morning shower to help rejuvenate the skin and promote circulation

  • First thing in the morning, drink the juice of half a lemon in a glass of lukewarm water to help cleanse your liver

  • Help your kidneys by drinking plenty of water and avoid high sugar/caffeine drinks such as soft drinks, coffee/black tea, as well as alcohol

  • Eat plenty of foods with fibre and exercise regularly. This helps cleanse your bowels, where the hormones and fat soluble vitamins are excreted

  • Go on a brisk half hour walk outdoors or meditate with a focus on the breath every day to aid elimination via the lungs.

Are there any supplements that can help rejuvenate our bodies?

“Milk Thistle supports liver function after we have given it a battering with all the alcohol over the holiday season”, suggests Penny. Also, “Astaxathin by Bioceuticals is a wonderful antioxidant formula that helps support us during times of detoxification.”

Finally Penny suggest that “Granier + Raspberry Ketones by Herbs Of Gold is a wonderful Garcinia Cambogia and raspberry ketone product that works to reduce your appetite and increase your metabolism in order to assist with weight loss after an over-indulgent festive season.”

Some supplements are only available after consultancy from a pharmacist or naturopath. By speaking to a health professional first you can receive beneficial advice and guidance before you begin your road to recovery.

If you have one piece of advice to help improve our health in 2015, what would it be?

“Moderation; everything in moderation” advises Penny.  Also “take the time to find a work/family life balance and improve your physical and mental health by regular physical exercise and mental relaxation techniques such as meditation and those things that bring you enjoyment.”

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