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Make the most of your Seniors Card

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Get access to a range of incredible discounts and benefits by registering for the Australian Seniors Card.

Did you know that if you’re 60+ and a permanent Australian resident, you may be eligible to apply for an Australian Seniors Card? With an Australian Seniors Card, you can get access to a huge range of incredible discounts, depending on which state you’re in. You’ll need to be registered to receive the discounts though, so if you or someone you love is turning 60 soon, make sure they know how to get one!

Each state has a different card with slightly different benefits, so have a look below and discover what an Australian Senior’s Card can do for you and how to apply.

NSW Seniors Card

Provided by the NSW Department of Family and Community Services, the NSW Seniors Card gives members access to NSW Government transport concessions, travel and business discounts.

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NT Seniors Card

Provided by the NT Department of Health, an NT Seniors Card can get you discounts on transport and registration, plus excellent business discounts on a range of goods and services.

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QLD Seniors Card

Provided by the Queensland Government, a QLD Seniors Card not only gives you access to transport and business discounts, but can also be combined with your Go card to hold credit for travel on the South East Queensland Translink network, including buses, trains and ferries - all in the one convenient card.

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SA Seniors Card

Provided by the South Australian Government, the SA Seniors Card offers you discounts on transport, council rates, travel, plus excellent business discounts on a range of goods and services.

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TAS Seniors Card

Provided by the Tasmanian Department of Premier & Cabinet, a TAS Seniors Card supports you with business and Government savings. Around 700 businesses and services support the Seniors Card Program, so you’ll find a diverse huge of savings on products and services right across Tasmania.

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VIC Seniors Card

Provided by the Victorian Department of Health, a VIC Seniors Card gives you a huge range of discounted goods and services - including travel, accommodation, hospitality, entertainment and more.

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WA Seniors Card

Provided by the Western Australian Department for Communities, the WA Seniors Card is one of the most generous in Australia, with a range of Government concessions plus discounts from over 500 participating local businesses.

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ACT Seniors Card

Provided by the Australian Capital Territory’s Community Service’s Directorate, the ACT Seniors Card gives you Government concessions plus a huge range of discounted goods and services at over 300 businesses across the territory.

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At Stockland, many of our centeres also cater for seniors, including offering accessible amenities, rest areas and seniors parking in convenient locations. For more information and assistance, please speak with our friendly staff members at Customer Care or Centre Management.

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