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Make your room Pinterest worthy

Category: home and DIY

It’s a common problem: we spend hours scrolling through Pinterest, lusting over images of study nooks, living rooms and bedrooms, and forever wishing our house was that photogenic.

The good news? It can be! We’ve got three simple ways to make your home Pinterest-worthy. And with added tips from interior designer extraordinaire Shaynna Blaze, you can’t go wrong!

Style your coffee table:

When getting creative, think less is more. Candles are a great place to start; they will add a touch of sophistication create a cosy atmosphere and tie multiple elements on the coffee table together.

No living room is complete without a coffee table book. Stacking a few on top of each other will add multiple levels of interest. For a modern take, try using different books as a base and layer small accents on top. Your chic new abode will also give guests a chance to read, so make sure the books are something you are interested in. 

Shaynna’s top tip:

“Don’t overthink it! A great interior takes time; it is all about getting a few main pieces then taking your time to bring pieces in to see if they work.”

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Accessorise with small accents:

Small accessories give your home some soul and provide you with an opportunity to showcase your personality. When styling an area, remember to anchor your small accents around a main piece such as a coffee table, side table or bookshelf.

Whether it’s by colour, finish or texture, grouping items together with common characters will add a story to your styling. And finally, it’s all about balance! Try layering tall accessories with short and don’t be afraid of white space.

Shaynna’s top tip:

“I love nothing better than bringing in a bunch of flowers, then pairing with coloured vases or creating a cluster area with candles and sculpture pieces.”

Pinterest credit: Image

Declutter your shelves:

This is the perfect way to spritz up your room without spending a cent! Bookshelves are commonly used for storing everyday junk. So give your shelves a good clear-out, getting rid of anything you haven’t looked at or used in the last six months. This is sure to create some space and allow you to use your imagination. For an element of interest, try stacking books both horizontally and vertically. Don’t forget to break up your look with small accents like plants, candles, plates and vases.

Shaynna’s top tip:

“Keep your colour palette simple but not boring. Use one or two main colours so everything connects.”

Pinterest credit: Image

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