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Make Your Own Christmas Wreath


You family or friends will never believe you made this beautiful wreath at home. All you need are some Christmas baubles and a wire clothes hangar – it’s that simple!

For this project, you will need the following materials:

  • 70 (approximately) round Christmas baubles
  • Fancy bow

Plus the following from around the home:

  • A wire clothes hangar
  • Fishing line or string


Step 1
Bend your clothes hangar into a circular wreath shape.


Step 2
Untwist the wire around the hook to open up your wreath.


Step 3
Carefully thread your baubles onto the wire, all the way round to the other end. Use alternate colours next to each other to create a festive look.


Step 4
Once your wreath is full, retwist the wire around the hook to close the wreath.


Step 5
Now, simply tie the bow to the bottom of the wreath with your fishing line or string, and it’s ready to hang!

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