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Pay it Forward this Christmas

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Discover an array of meaningful ways to give a little Christmas. 

Year after year, we face the Christmas shopping challenge. Will Nick wear that shade of pink? Is it cheating to give Mary another voucher? Am I getting something they’ll actually like?
It’s easy for gift-giving to feel like a chore. But instead, we should see it as a chance - a chance to pay it forward and make others feel valued in meaningful ways.

Pay it what?
Paying it forward is the idea that one small act can have a big ripple effect. It’s gifting without expecting to get; doing a random act of kindness (like helping your neighbour string up their Christmas lights); or opening your home to the whole street. If you started to ‘gift’ with this kind of thoughtfulness, imagine the Christmas spirit you could spread through your community.

Ways to pay it forward
It doesn’t have to be the grandest gesture or gift in the world. To those you value most; family, friends, neighbours – simply find ways to delight them differently. Not sure how? Here are some thought starters…

Gift it forward
Do you just gift the people who gift you? Think bigger. Is there someone in yourcommunity that you want to thank, celebrate or recognise? It could be the bus driver who always waits for you; the hairdresser who spends 3 hours on you and charges for one; or the neighbour who watches your kids every Sunday. Give a little Christmas to them and see what you start.

Shop with purpose
Let’s be honest; Christmas shopping can be overwhelming. So, add some joy to the process by shifting your thinking from “what can I get them?” to “how can I delight them?” Don’t just buy your usual 25 gift vouchers. Buy for the loves and quirks and hobbies of the people you care about. Their joy when they open your gift will make the extra thought worth it.

Surprise and delight
Meaningful gifting isn’t always about wowing someone on Christmas morning with a giant bow-wrapped box. Try to think outside the box. Surprise them by sending something to their workplace, leaving an anonymous present on their doorstep or gifting them with an unexpected experience.

Don’t stop at Christmas
Christmas may be a time of giving – but who says it has to start and end in December? Go beyond what’s expected by gifting joy to others, all year round. There
are few better ways to pay it forward than to give someone a present just because you want to make their day.

Give a little Christmas

Are you inspired to create special moments this Christmas and beyond? You don’t have to give much – just give a little Christmas in your community.

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