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Simple ways to support your child's teacher

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In a recent American study, an overwhelming majority of teachers admitted they spent a portion of their salary on essential supplies for their students each year.

This is just further proof that our kids’ teachers go above and beyond to help them succeed. Considering how important their role is, it’s only right that we support them where we can. Here are 3 simple ways you can support your child’s teacher and create a better classroom culture for everyone

  • Be prepared

    One of the main reasons teachers were spending money on their students came down to kids being sent to school without the necessities. So check their bag each morning and make sure they’ve got their lunch, schoolbooks, homework, pens/pencils, warm clothes and whatever else they might need for the day. Also, make sure they start the day with a good breakfast, as this can help your kids concentrate during the day.

  • Stay in contact

    Don’t wait till parent-teacher nights to find out face-to-face how things are going in your child’s class. Take time each week to speak to the teacher before or after school. You’ll be able to keep tabs on how your kids are going, what the class is learning, what projects/excursions are coming up and they’ll have a chance to ask for your assistance with anything that may come up.  

  • Say thank you

    Teaching can often seem like thankless work, so make sure they know they’re appreciated. Get your kids to write them a Christmas card each year, and consider buying them a small gift to say thanks for the school year. You don’t need to go overboard – in this situation, it really is the thought that counts!

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