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Soundtrack your car trips with podcasts

Category: kids

Do you know every word to Hot Potato and Dorothy The Dinosaur? Update your playlist with podcasts the whole family can enjoy.

If you’ve heard the term ’podcast’ before but don’t really understand what it means, here’s a simple explanation. A podcast is an audio program (like a radio show) that is prerecorded then put on the Internet for people to download and listen to. They can be funny, educational, inspiring, and exciting; the best part is, most are completely free! There are thousands out there, but here are just a few that could make great soundtracks for your car trips.

The Thrilling Adventure Hour

Created by American writers Ben Acker & Ben Blacker, The Thrilling Adventure Hour pays homage to the radio serials of old. Recorded each week in front of a live audience, and featuring a huge cast of performers, musicians and sound fx artists, the Thrilling Adventure hour is an incredibly entertaining radio pantomime for older kids and their parents alike.

Story Nory

How about a podcast that reads to your kids? Story Nory has published a free audio story each week since 2005 (all available online). There are stories for all age levels that range from fairytales and classics like The Secret Garden and Alice in Wonderland, to original and educational stories.

The Longest Shortest Time

For new parents, The Longest Shortest Time is the perfect companion on car trips with your new bub. Originally created as a soundtrack for those 3am wake ups when you feel like you’re the only person alive, these stories of the struggles and joys of parenting babies will show you that you’re definitely not alone.

Hamish & Andy

We couldn’t write a story about podcasts without mentioning this absolute classic. One of the most popular Australian podcasts of all time (and with good reason), Aussie comedians Hamish Blake and Andy Lee make a podcast that is incredibly funny, g-rated and just a little goofy. Download and have a giggle!

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