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Create a stress free Christmas with The Organised Housewife

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By simply completing a few tasks each week you will be creating yourself an organised and stress free Christmas.  The Organised Housewife has shared with us her top tips to be organised this Christmas.

The end of the year can become really busy with end of school events, work Christmas parties, possibly working longer hours to prepare for a break over Christmas and then on top off all that... you need to get organised for Christmas. Instead of leaving Christmas planning to the last minute start now.  By simply completing a few tasks each week you will be creating yourself an organised and stress free Christmas.  Read on for my top tips to be organised this Christmas:

Plan your dates

Whilst we like to think that we are clever and can remember everything, the silly season is so busy that it's really important to write everything down:

  • Grab your diary or calendar and write in all the dates of upcoming events through November and December
  • Now is the time to also plan for any pre-Christmas gatherings you may want to organise

Tip:  put your calendar on the fridge so all the family can see what events are coming up, this will help you plan ahead.

Create a list

You are always one step closer to being organised when you create lists.  Like I mentioned above it is really hard to remember everything and by sitting down and writing a list you can gradually complete each task at a time that suits you.

Types of lists to create:

  • Create a budget - write how much you want to spend on gifts, food, decorations etc.  Creating a budget will help you to not over spend during a period that can easily get out of control.  Determine how much you want to spend on each person and stick to it.
  • Gift list, write down a list of people you need to buy present for - family, friends, teachers (sports and school), neighbours, kids friends etc.  Then, write your gift ideas next to each persons name.
  • Christmas card list - you don't want to forget anybody important
  • To-do list - all the tasks you want to accomplish during the crazy season

Tip: Now that you have your gift list ready you can start your shopping now, don't leave it to the last minute.  You can then wrap them when you have time and fill your tree up with presents.


The house always has such a happy vibe when decorated over Christmas.  Decorate your tree, place ornaments next to the TV or on the sideboard and a little something in a few other rooms throughout your home to fill your home with the Christmas spirit.  The shops are always filled with so many really cute Christmas decorations and whilst we probably have an abundance of decorations it's always fun to add something new to the collection.  If you are wanting to change the theme of your Christmas decorations you can do this by simply adding in one new colour and leaving one out of your regular collection.  ie.  Red, Green, remove green and add silver.

Tip:  While you are decorating your home see what ornaments you have not used for a few years and consider purging these, there is no need to hold onto them as they take up too much room storing them throughout the year.  

Christmas cards

Writing cards can take time, but it is always lovely to receive a little handwritten something in the mail, especially how these days everything has become so digital.  Don't make it too hard, put on your favourite movie and start writing some cards, get the kids to help to add a personal touch.  Have on hand everything you need to write and post cards:

  • Cards & Envelopes
  • Family photos (optional)
  • Christmas postage stamps

Tip:  Remember to consider the size of the card when you purchase it, larger cards will require 2 postage stamps.

Fun and bright Christmas cards available from The Reject Shop and little dish from Coles

What to cook or bake?

Christmas is always a good excuse to make some delicious treats to share with loved ones, either for a Christmas gathering, for a homemade Christmas gift or just because you love to bake!  Plan what you would like to make so you are not running back and forward to the shops, saving you time and money.  Start planning now for:

  • Christmas snacks and treats
  • Bring a plate events - food ideas such as dips or salads
  • Pre-Christmas meals - easy BBQ's with cold salads and desserts
  • Christmas Day meals - breakfast, lunch, dinner, desserts and snacks
  • Boxing Day meals - as shops will still be closed

You can find loads of great ideas in magazines, cookbooks or online.

Tip:  Planning early for want to bake over the Christmas season and to put on the table on Christmas day well in advance will help you save money.  Write up a full shopping list and over a period of time (1-2 months) gradually buy the non perishable food to save such a big grocery bill close to Christmas.  Keep an eye on grocery catalogues as some items maybe on special.

Super easy caramel tarts - recipe here.

Christmas outfits

There will be the work Christmas function, casual weekend Christmas parties or an unexpected occasion, plan ahead to ensure that you and the rest of the family have an outfit specially for these occasions and Christmas/Boxing Day so you aren't running around at the last minute trying to find something.

Tip: Buy the kids some new PJs, wrap them and put under the Christmas tree.  Allow them to open one present on Christmas Eve, but the catch is that mummy gets to pick which one!  It's new Pyjamas ready for those Christmas morning photos!  


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