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Unique Ways To Celebrate Australia Day

Category: food

Mix it up multicultural style.

What better to pull us out of our post-Christmas slump than yet another public holiday? Use your day off wisely and make the most of the gorgeous January weather. But instead of opting for the classic Aussie BBQ and dip in the pool, why not expand your horizons, celebrate our diversity and make this Australia Day one to remember?

Take it back to our roots: experience Indigenous food 

Pay homage to the traditional owners of our land and incorporate some Aboriginal delicacies into your Australia Day spread. Introduce your tastebuds to a whole new palate of delicious modern Australian options and delight friends and family with something truly special. Browse our Modern Native Australian Recipe Collection for inspiration. 

Revisit your family tree: incorporate your ancestry 

We’re all too familiar with the fact that most of our family trees stem back to a wide variety of international origins. Common ethnicities include Chinese, Greek, English, Italian, Irish, Indian, Scottish, German and Dutch - just to name a few. Why not celebrate what makes our country so special and integrate traditions from your heritage – or better yet a range of cultures - into your day?  

Flip your BBQ on its head: serve up something Spanish  

We couldn’t create a go-to guide for an out-of-the-box Australia Day without including something from our very own Stockland Food Ambassador Miguel Maestre. If you’re looking to mix it up and add an exotic element to your celebrations, you can’t go past a Spanish-style BBQ. Unlike our traditional Aussie BBQ, no tomato sauce is needed! Relish in the rich flavours of Miguel’s Summer Recipes and enjoy an exceptionally unusual Australia Day feast.

Get creative with activities: Aussie-themed games 

Besides spending the whole day jumping in and out of the pool, what have you got planned on the activities front? Games are an important element of any party - especially when there are kids involved! Prepare for hours of Aussie-induced laughter and endless fun with activities perfectly suited to the occasion. Our favourites include Celebrity Heads featuring important Australians, and Indigenous dot painting on butcher’s paper. What are you waiting for? Try them for yourself and make this year’s Australia Day party your best one yet.

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