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Write your Dad a Fathers Day Letter


Stuck for words this Father’s Day? Put dad’s greatness into words using this easy step-by-step guide.   

 Father embracing his daughter who is holding a letter

Dad. His official title may be short, but when you say his name aloud, that’s when you realise how much he means to you. Putting that meaning into words however, can be a little tricky. 

Spring has nearly sprung and that means Father’s Day is hot on our heels once again. It’s the one day a year especially dedicated to the man in your life who has laughed with you, given you advice, hugged you when you were down – and of course, come out with a few cringe-worthy dad jokes (or 50) over the years. 

So, why not turn some of those memories into meaningful words? They can be funny, heartfelt or just simply grateful that he’s your dad. Just wait for the big goofy smile on his face when he reads it. We guarantee that alone will be worth the effort.

If you’ve gone a little blank and still wondering where to start, don’t worry, we’re here to help. This step-by-step guide to penning the perfect Father’s Day card will get the creative juices flowing, and don’t forget the gift while you’re at it.

Start with a memory

Throwing it back to one of your favourite moments shared with dad is a great place to begin when writing a Father’s Day card. Take a moment now to think back through the archive and jot a few down… we’ll wait. 

Maybe it was the time you built a cubby house in the back yard with your dad and siblings and you were desperate to camp out all night – until about 9pm anyway. 

Maybe it’s a scent that reminds you of dad or a phrase he would always say. We can hear it already, “Dad I’m hungry!” to which he’d reply, “Hi hungry, I’m dad”. It’s the smallest memories that’ll give him the biggest smile.   

Father and daughter spending time in a tent

A bit of appreciation 

Sometimes, you just need your dad’s advice. They’re often level-headed, practical and share their thoughts in the kind of clear-cut way you need when making an important decision. And they rarely ask for (or expect) a thank you in return.   

So, when you’re thinking of what to write next maybe show him a little appreciation for the times that he was a friend when you needed a friend, and a parent when you need a parent.  

A tip from us? If dad isn’t the emotional type, you don’t need to get mushy and lovey-dovey if that doesn’t fit the mould. Keep your message simple and sincere.  

Finish with a funny 

They wear the crown for cringe-worthy dad-jokes for a reason. So, it’s only apt that you round-out the perfect Father’s Day card with a funny. Whether you quote one of his notoriously terrible jokes back to him or Google a funny quote, he’ll have a good chuckle and there’s nothing better than seeing your dad laugh.  

September 1st will come around sooner than you think, so put pen to paper now with a meaningful Father’s Day card that he can keep in the memory box for years to come. 

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