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Trail Mix

Category: food

  • Serves: As many as you like!
  • Time needed: 5mins
  • Difficulty Easy


  • Top tip!

    Tip: Experiment with ingredients for different occasions. Movie night coming up? Add popcorn to your mix!

    Step 1

    You don’t need a recipe for trail mix. You just need to remember the simple trail mix rule: Combine nuts, dried fruit and seeds for your base, then add a sweet or savoury element for extra flavour! Try making a batch of one of these flavours – just remember, small portions!

    Spicy Seeds

    Combine pumpkin seeds and sunflower seeds with plain almonds and a pinch of cayenne pepper, onion powder and garlic powder.

    Totally nuts!

    Combine cashews, walnuts, peanuts almonds with raisins (or sultanas, whichever you can find). If you’re feeling a little decadent, add a handful of M&Ms!

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