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Valentine's Day Dinner Inspired By Romantic Movies

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As we approach the loveliest day of the year, what better way to get in the Valentine’s mood than with a good old-fashioned rom com? Whether you’re spending the day loved-up with your significant other, or spoiling yourself rotten with the girls, we’ve got the perfect way to end the day. Take a closer look at your favourite romantic movie, pull out their signature dish and try it at home! We’ve put together the ultimate list of Valentine’s Day dinner options inspired by romantic movies for a delicious evening you’re unlikely to forget.


  • No Reservations: Scallops With Saffron Sauce

While we may not have the secret to Kate’s (Catherine Zeta-Jones’) special saffron sauce, this mouth-watering recipe certainly comes close. Unleash your inner sous chef and delight your date with this impressive entrée.

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Scallops with Saffron Sauce

  • Bridge Jones’ Diary: Leek Soup

Learn from Bridget’s mistake and remember not to leave a piece of blue twine in your soup! Master the art of cooking entrees with this fresh, light starter.

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Leek Soup


  • Lady And The Tramp: Spaghetti And Meatballs

Ah, the famous spaghetti and meatballs. This dish hardly requires an introduction, but just like these two starry-eyed pups, with this dish, we guarantee your date will be a dreamy one.

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Spaghetti and Meatballs

  • Valentine’s Day: Chicken Curry With Spinach, Tomatoes And Rice

Host your own ‘I Hate Valentine's Day’ party, just like Kara (Jessica Biel) and swap the classic candlelit meal for two for a tasty Indian feast.

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Chicken Curry With Spinach, Tomatoes And Rice 

  • Jerry Maguire: Prawn Fajitas

We’re all too familiar with Jerry (Tom Cruise) and Dorothy’s (Renée Zellweger) iconic first date. Recreate every element of their romantic Mexican meal with a spicy seafood dish - and a Mariachi version of “Words Get in the Way,” of course.

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Prawn Fajitas

  • Grease: Homemade Hamburgers

Transport yourself all the way to Rydell High and enjoy some Summer lovin' of your own with a burger or two. While you’re at it, why not mix it up with our out-of the-box alternative?

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Traditional Hamburgers


  • Notting Hill: Chocolate Brownies

Gather your friends for your most decadent dinner yet, featuring our irresistible chocolate brownies (this recipe will make your friends want to fight for that last piece). Fingers crossed one of your friends’ dates made the trip all the way from Hollywood – just like Anna (Julia Roberts).

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Chocolate Brownies

  • The Notebook: Vanilla Ice-Cream

Who could forget the moment Allie (Rachel McAdams) pushes ice-cream into Noah's (Ryan Gosling) face before they kissed? And just because it’s Valentine’s Day, we’ve found a recipe that’s a little more special than a single scoop.

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Vanilla Ice Cream

  • When Harry Met Sally: Apple Pie

Are you the Sally (Meg Ryan) in your relationship? If just like Sally, you give detailed instructions as to how you prefer your pie, this exquisite recipe is the dessert for you.

Note: ice-cream is served on the side, and you may use whipped cream - but only if it’s real!

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Apple PIe

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Valentine's Day Dinner Inspired By Romantic Movies

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