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Earth Hour Activities For Kids

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Switch off!

Millions of people will switch off their all-encompassing electronics in lieu of an hour of peace. Combatting climate change one candlelit household at a time, this global movement was the perfect way to get involved from the comfort of your own home. But for kids, environmental concerns aren’t exactly exciting, so in future, why not make it fun? Try one of our five family-friendly Earth Hour activities for kids. 

Indoor Picnic 
For starters, candlelit dinners aren’t just reserved for couples. Turn your living room into the perfect picnic spot with blankets, pillows and tea lights galore. Spend the afternoon preparing all your favourite finger foods and enjoy and evening of good food and good lighting! When there’s pizza and lollies on offer, it won’t be hard to round up the troops! 

Game Night 
Everyone loves a good game night – kids included. Dust off your board game collection and get ready for a night of healthy, candelit competition. From Monopoly to Uno to Twister, you’re in for a night of power-saving family fun.  

Star Gazing 
Venture outside and enjoy nature’s very own entertainment. Grab a blanket and head anywhere from the backyard to a nearby beach and soak in the wonder of starlight. Indulging us with their own tinkle, you’ll barely notice you’ve switched off! 

Story Telling 
Spooky or sweet, storytelling is the perfect lights-off activity. Grab a candle or a torch, sit in a circle and swap stories. Whether they’re ghost-related or charming childhood anecdotes, your audience will be engaged for hours on end. 

Backyard Camping  
Is there anything better than a camping trip in the comfort of your own backyard? Pitch a tent, pile in and settle in for the night. With a campfire crackling, lights are rendered irrelevant. And where there’s s’mores, there’s kids!

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