Healthy and connected living

Discover how we are creating thriving communities by enhancing people’s health and wellbeing while providing spaces that strengthen connections and create a genuine sense of belonging.


What we'll achieve

Our healthy and connected living initiatives will deliver stronger, healthier and more resilient communities where people, customers and businesses contribute their full potential, collaboratively creating lasting positive value for all.

How we’ll achieve it

We will transform the wellbeing of our people and customers through enhanced places and spaces. We will bring people together in ways that strengthen the sense of community belonging and pride. We will inspire a bright future for everyone.

Our inclusive and accessible living goals

To to deliver our 2030 sustainability vision we have set clear goals, priorities and targets. Our goals are to enhance health and wellbeing, strengthen connection and inspire people to thrive.


Strategic priorities

 Transform the wellbeing of our people and customer through enhanced places and spaces.

  • Develop the spaces and experiences that help enhance people’s mental wellbeing.
  • Deliver the places for people to be active and maximise their physical wellbeing.
  • Create environments where people feel safe and secure.

Shape ways we bring people together that strengthen a sense of belonging and pride in one's community. 

  • Embed ways to bring people together to establish meaningful connections.
  • Shape experiences and social interactions that contribute to a sense of belonging.

Inspire a bright future where we all thrive together enabling people to help each other. 

  • Grow people’s resilience to adapt and emerge stronger – as individuals and communities.
  • Empower people to contribute positively to their communities and have a lasting impact.