Stockland’s Sustainability Reporting Suite FY20 is an account of our sustainability performance for the financial year from 1 July 2019 to 30 June 2020 (FY20). Now in its 15th year, it includes detailed discussion of our material sustainability issues as well as in-depth data sets and select case studies. It is independently assured by EY and prepared in adherence to the International Integrated Reporting Framework principles of materiality, stakeholder responsiveness, reliability and completeness and GRI Standards (Comprehensive).


Shape thriving communities



FY20 community contribution 


Our goal is to create and shape communities that thrive now and into the future. Our strategic contribution to our chosen community focus areas – health and wellbeing, community connection and education – is coordinated through community investment, development and the Stockland CARE Foundation. Find out more in our:





FY20 Liveability Score

Customer engagement and experience

Understanding and responding to our customers’ changing needs and improving the customer experience is critical to the sustainability of our business and the ongoing relevance and reputation of our brand, products and services. Find out more in our:


Optimise and innovate


Net +ve

Biodiversity calculator


We aim to minimise and mitigate our impact and protect the biodiversity of our surrounding environments and balance developable land with retention and activation of biodiversity to enhance the long-term success and vitality of our communities. Find out more in our:




emissions intensity reduction on FY19

Carbon and energy

We have a long-standing commitment to improve our energy efficiency, reduce our carbon emissions and manage our climate change risk. We recognise our role to influence the energy efficiency of our assets, and have taken a proactive approach to developing energy efficiency programs and implementing action plans over a number of years. Find out more in our:




portfolio assessed for climate resilience

Climate resilience

Climate change presents risks and opportunities for our business, and we are committed to identifying, assessing and managing these to support the resilience of our business, assets, communities, customers and people. Find out more in our:




portfolio of green star assets

Asset ratings and certifications

We are committed to incorporating best practice sustainable design across energy, water and material selection, as well as creating highly connected and accessible communities that enhance liveability. Find out more in our:



Residential waste diversion 

Waste management

We acknowledge the finite nature of resources and the limited opportunities to dispose of waste. As such, we seek opportunities to implement and transition to a more circular economy, closing material loops by recognising that waste has value and can be designed for reuse and regeneration. Find out more in our:



Retail water intensity reduction since FY17

Water management and quality

Australia's climate is characterised by variability, featuring long-term drought, water scarcity (often resulting in water restrictions) and severe flooding. As a responsible property developer, we consider where water is sourced, how efficiently it is used and how quantity and quality is managed. Find out more in our:

Enrich our value chain



maintained low LTIFR

Health, safety and security

We take great responsibility and care for the health, safety and security of its customers, contractors and employees. Stockland’s health, safety and security practices are embedded in its culture and we will continue to foster a culture where health, safety and wellbeing are core values and continuous improvement of our safety performance is part of our normal business practice. Find out more in our:



supplier facing roles trained

Human rights

Our commitment to both respect and promote human rights underpins our business activities and stakeholder relationships, and this is appropriately reflected in our human rights policies, procedures and consideration of modern slavery legislation. Find out more in our:



ranking on DJSI

Stakeholder engagement

We continue to appreciate the importance of comprehensive and considerate stakeholder engagement at our projects. We train our employees on best practice stakeholder engagement approaches and partner with media and government to highlight our community contributions and sustainability achievements. Find out more in our:



Indigenous procurement FY20

Supply chain management

Every year we partner with hundreds of suppliers including construction contractors, professional consultants, and service providers. We work to build strong partnerships with our suppliers such that they are motivated to operate in a manner that is consistent with our values and standards. Find out more in our:



gender pay equity

Employee engagement, development, diversity and inclusion

High employee engagement leads to reduced employee turnover, improved productivity and better business outcomes. Most importantly, engaged employees are happier: both at work and in their personal lives. We also place a great focus on employee diversity, capabilities, health and wellbeing. Measuring and monitoring our performance helps us to continually improve and drive better outcomes. Find out more in our:



security strengthened

Governance and risk

We acknowledge that sustainability leadership at the Board and executive levels is critical to integrating sustainability management and performance into our culture, processes and business relationships. We also recognise the importance of effective management and remuneration methods that promote and incentivise proactive approaches to sustainability both at Group and asset level. Find out more in our:

  • Governance and Risk Management Approach

Residents check on the community garden at Stockland's Elara residential community in Marsden Park, NSW.

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The Golden Sun Moth Park at Stockland's award-winning Highlands masterplanned community in Craigieburn, Vic.

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The inclusive playground at Stockland's Cloverton masterplanned community at Kalkallo, Vic

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