21 September 2018   

3 min read
Case study

Stockland Cammeray (NSW) participates in the Better Business Partnership, an initiative of the local councils of Ku-ring-gai, Willoughby, and North Sydney that focuses on enhancing the sustainability performance of local businesses and celebrating their achievements. While Stockland Cammeray focuses on all six pillars encouraged by the Better Business Partnership (waste, transport, sustainable purchasing, water, community support, and energy), a highlight has been a doubling of the waste diversion rate from landfill, which increased from 30 per cent in February 2017 to 60 per cent in early 2018.

Retailers were sent a ‘Word on Waste’ education memo that outlined their waste responsibilities, and have embraced the program and work with our centre management team to overcome challenges. Retailers and our cleaning contractors have noticed that since initiating the focus on waste diversion, the waste rooms have been more organised, cleaner, and easier to manage. Other initiatives contributing to the centre’s enhanced waste management include:

  • Training of cleaning staff to assist with increasing recycling rates
  • Inclusion of ‘Towards Zero Landfill’ bins in the car park that encourage recycling of clothing, toys, footwear, and similar items
  • Special bins and education focusing on paper recycling and organics recycling.

The centre also receives a monthly report from auditors that enhances the monitoring and tracking of general waste and recycling rates. Centre management is working to implement random internal waste audits to confirm retailers are sorting waste appropriately, as well as providing the capacity for organics composting on site.

Lisa Vaughan, Stockland Cammeray Centre Manager, said “I feel it is my responsibility, both corporate and personal, to drive sustainability at Stockland Cammeray.” Thanks to our team’s efforts, the centre was a finalist in the Better Business Partnership’s 2018 Better Business Awards.