Preparing your lot for home construction

The stages of preparing your lot for building ensure the foundation of your future home is constructed to the highest engineering standards. So, what’s really involved in the process?

Let’s start from the ground with earthworks

Excavation of land is one of the first steps of the construction process. This step aims to clear, dig, level and compact natural features of the land to ensure it is ready for building on. Earthworks will also ensure the roadways are ready for asphalt. Following earthworks, sewer, water and drainage works can begin. 


Waste infrastructure allows for drainage and disposal

Installation of infrastructure to manage waste and water is the next step in the process. A network of pipes are installed to connect sanitary drains to main disposal ways. This is the most effective way to remove waste and ensure the longevity of your land and lot. 


The streetscape will take shape with road construction

Construction of road infrastructure will shape the functionality of your future street. Initial mapping will determine the best access ways for each road and footpath. Next, the roads take shape with gutters and your driveway is allocated. Once the roads are ready, contractors and tradespeople will make use of them to access your lot. 


Wiring things up with electricity and communications

Installing underground electrical infrastructure means your future home is ready to connect power. Qualified electricians will design layout drafts, prepare conduit and install all necessary wiring. In this step communications wiring is supplied to your lot, ready for NBN to connect you to the internet. Things are starting to come together and completion works are just around the corner! 


The finishing touches are being made with completion works

You will soon be able to drive down the new street of your future home with completion works underway. The construction of your street is almost complete and new roads will connect you and your neighbours to the amenities nearby. Once moved in, you’ll be able to easily explore your new community via the network of footpaths and cycle ways scattered throughout the streetscapes. Next, verge landscaping will frame your home.


Things are getting greener as landscaping  begins

Landscaping is the planting of street trees in the Council verge to enhance the streetscape of the community. This greenery is chosen by your local council for its appeal to the natural surroundings. Footpaths are also installed to connect your home with walking and riding paths throughout the community. Your lot is close to ready, with authority compliance around the corner!


The final tick of approval with authority compliance

With authority compliance underway your lot is almost complete. These final sign-off’s ensure your land and the civil infrastructure has been built to strict engineering guidelines. Once your lot meets all regulatory requirements it’s time to lodge for registration. 


MoreDetails BLodging registrations in preparation for construction

Now that your lot complies with the guidelines of relevant authorities, we are ready to lodge with the Land Titles Office. When registering your lot, the overall plan of your property will be presented for approval and when successful your individual title will be issued. After that and upon settlement, building can commence on your new home!

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