24 June 2016 6 min read

105 families move into a home in one of our residential communities every week.

Whether you have chosen your own custom house design or opted for one of our tailor-made house and land packages, moving into one of our Stockland communities will be an exciting experience we hope you remember for a long time to come. After more than six decades of community development, hundreds of thousands of people have chosen Stockland to help them find a better way to live. We asked some of our residents to share reviews of their experiences with you. 

An Easy Transition 

Building or moving into a home doesn’t have to be a hard process. Forget doing the hard work by yourself when we have an array of builders on-hand to answer all your questions. Sit back and watch your dream home come to life!

"We had seen Newhaven in the past and thought it would be a nice place to build. We swung by the sales centre one day and found a block, and it all moved fairly quickly from there. If it’s something you really want to do, I definitely recommend it. It’s been great fun." Joel and Amanda, Newhaven WA

"We were renting and came over for a look around. We fell in love with the place and on the same day we put a deposit on this land. With beautiful lakes and parks it just feels like a nice community to bring the children up in. We have to pinch ourselves that we live here sometimes. It was probably the best decision we've ever made." Richard and Tina, Highland Reserve QLD

A Well Designed Community

Our Stockland communities are friendly, secure and thriving with many facilities and activities on offer for the whole family. Each community is close to shopping centres, parks, schools and more – helping you live comfortably and in close proximity to everything you need!

"I love Highlands because it is close to shopping centres. I love that it’s near the gym, close to work, close to the city and has got that country feeling as well. There are a lot of different schools around and the parks are fantastic. It’s definitely a fantastic place to bring up a family." Melissa, Highlands VIC

"We definitely believe that Sovereign Pocket is a great area for families. We liked that it was a well-planned, open community with lots of parks and a variety of different builders and different houses. After doing lots of research, talking to Stockland, talking to builders and the bank, we feel very confident we are ready to take this on and make it our own." Tristan and Chantelle, Sovereign Pocket QLD

The joy of a new home

Building a home from scratch at Stockland has many benefits – choose a block size that works for you, you can design your dream home and have the security knowing the house is yours!

"We were renting and the previous three homes all got sold from underneath us. We said okay let's just go and talk to the people at Stockland in North Lakes. Security for our family was above everything else. To be able to say to our kids 'we're not moving until we want to move' just outweighs everything you can think of." Greg and Linda, North Lakes QLD

"The house was built on schedule in time for our wedding – 16 weeks in total from start to finish – and we were able to move in the day after our wedding. We love our new home and are proud to live at Mt Aitken. We really are just delighted with our new home that has been ours from the start. We look forward to bringing up our child in a safe environment and with everything we need at our fingertips." Stacey and Geoff, Mt Aitken VIC

"We like the local area but also the fact that the blocks offered were a variety of sizes. We found the block that could fulfill the dreams that we envisioned for our future home. There's a lot about the community that suits young families, like the park that will be built up the road. Dapto is a growing community so it will be a really nice place to live." Brooke and Mitchelle, Brooks Reach NSW

That Community Feeling

Choosing the right community can add more to your life, just as much as choosing a house! All of our communities are carefully planned and designed, offering liveability and the opportunity for you to get to know your neighbours while taking advantage of our great events, activities and recreation areas.

"We wanted to be closer to family and closer to the beach and the city, so this represented a great opportunity to live somewhere central to a lot of things that were important to us. It’s a friendly and family-oriented community. We pay for a lifestyle and we pay for the privilege of living in a safe, secure and happy environment." Eliot and Martene, Corimbia WA

"We love the friendly atmosphere here; we're always meeting someone new on our evening walks with the dogs. Having the pathways which run alongside the streams provide plenty of nice walking routes for us and we're looking forward to using the oval in the future. Since moving to Newhaven, we're a lot closer to friends who live nearby and have even made some new friends within the community, so we're often crossing paths and making the most of our close proximity with lots of dinners and barbecues." Heather and Richard, Newhaven WA

"Before we decided to buy in Brooks Reach we had been looking for about six months or so. Our house is something that we really see growing a family in. We don't have to worry about distance to get to everything – everything is right around the corner. People are always stopping by to say hello." Brandon and Ruby, Brooks Beach NSW