Working out what you want

What does your first home look like? And where would you like it to be? This section will help you answer the questions you’ll be asking yourself at the beginning of the search.

Where to start

Where to Start | Hear from the Expert

Considering buying your first home but not sure where to start?

First key steps

Top 3 considerations when buying your first home.

Cities vs Suburbs?

There are advantages & disadvantages to both.

Cities vs Suburbs | Hear from the Expert

Kat will talk you through some of the pros & cons.

Renting vs Buying

Should you be renting or buying your first home?

Renting vs Buying | Hear from the Expert

Find out the pros & cons from our expert, Hannah.

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Stage 1
Working out what you want
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Stage 2
Start the process
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Stage 3
Managing your finances
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Stage 4
Buying and building
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Stage 5
The home straight

Enquire about your dream home today!