Community Resources and Approvals

A collection of documents useful for Aura residents and for local, state and federal, community and environmental interest groups and authorities.


Resident Welcome Pack

The Aura Welcome Pack is full of useful information for our new residents and includes information about the history of the Aura site, handy fact sheets, the Community Resilience Plan and an emergency checklist. 

Being Water Smart at Aura

Aura will minimise demand on the region’s water supply and protect the water quality and ecological values of the Pumicestone Passage. Being water smart is more than just conserving water; it's about maximising water efficiency as well. We have developed these fact sheets to help our residents be "water smart":

Being Energy and Waste Smart at Aura

Awareness of energy-saving and waste-reducing initiatives will not only make Aura a leader in the delivery of environmental sustainability, but importantly help save our residents money in the long term. We have developed these fact sheets to help our residents and visitors be "energy and waste smart":

6-Star Green Star Awarded Community

Aura is one of the first Australian communities to achieve the Green Building Council of Australia’s highest accreditation – a 6 Star Green Star Communities rating – demonstrating world leadership in terms of sustainability and liveability. Aura has been designed, developed and evaluated against the GBCA Green Star rating system providing a rigorous and holistic rating across five impact categories: Governance, Liveability, Economic Prosperity, Environment and Innovation.


Document 01
Environmental Management Plan

Environmental Management Plan 2020

Document 02
Water Quality Management Plan

Water Quality Management Plan 2020

Document 03
Wallum Sedge Frog Management Plan

Document 04
Litoria Olongburensis Contingency and Offset Strategy

Document 05
Construction Environmental Management Plan

Construction Environmental Management Plan May 2020

Document 06
2019/2020 Annual Compliance Report

2019/2020 Annual Compliance Report EPBC 2011/5987

Document 07
2018/2019 Annual Compliance Report

2018/2019 Annual Compliance Report EPBC 2011/5987

Document 08
2017/2018 Annual Compliance Report

2017/2018 Annual Compliance Report EPBC 2011/5987

Document 09
2016/2017 Annual Compliance Report

2016/2017 Annual Compliance Report EPBC 2011/5987

Document 10
2015/2016 Annual Compliance Report

2015/2016 Annual Compliance Report EPBC 2011/5987