13 June 2018   

5min read
What is it about Vida that caught our first home buyers' attention and what are they most looking forward to about moving in? Watch the full video to find out!

Us: You currently live in North Lakes, what do you love most about living in the area?

FHBs: Everything you need is here. There’s no reason to leave this place! North Lakes has everything you could possibly want for day-to-day life- it’s very convenient. 

Us: And what was it that drew you to the Vida community?

FHBs: Location mainly! That, and because it’s in the perfect place in North Lakes, getting the best of both worlds by being right next to Lake Eden and up the road from the Westfield Shopping Centre. Also the fact that it’s a gated, well-planned community, so you know it’s always going to be safe and well-kept. We think it’s going to age really well.

Us: In addition to the community being gated, were you also excited about the other facilities at Vida- the pool or shared communal areas?

FHBs: Yes! We definitely think we’ll be using the pool and the shared BBQ space to entertain our friends and family.

Us: Awesome! So as for your home, what aspects of the Isabelle design appealed to you?

FHBs: We loved the fact that the master suite is kind of separated from the rest of the house so to speak – being on the top floor by itself. Which means you can very much separate your living space from your bedroom, which is very nice.

Us: Was there any other reason that drew you to choose this particular townhome type?

FHBs: Yeah, we also liked the fact that the Isabelle is so close to the communal area and has a nice balcony overlooking the pool and central park.

Us: Sounds ideal! What are you most looking forward to when you move into your new home?

FHBs: It will be our first home. So we’re really looking forward to actually having a home that is ours, that we can really take ownership and live in as we see fit. We can’t wait to move into Vida!

Us: Wow, congratulations! Thank you so much for taking the time to talk to us today.

FHBs: You’re welcome. Thanks for having us!