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Phone: (02) 6554 5044


Stockland Forster partners with Youngster.Co to provide FREE Tech Support for Seniors

Youngster.Co's team of tech-savvy youths provide Seniors with face-to-face sessions to help with anything tech related.
Most of problems are solved in the first session, and they can help with any basic tech issue. 

When: The 1st Saturday of each month, between 10am-12pm
Where: In-centre, near ALDI
Cost: FREE

To book, visit the Youngster.Co website and type in 'Forster' in the search bar to find an available time that suits you. If you require assistance, please call Customer Care at (02) 6554 5044.

Click here to visit the Youngster.Co website

Youngster.Co at Stockland Baldivis 

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