Sail Away with Flight Centre Forster

Discover which type of cruise is perfect for you!

Flight Centre Forster is back, with a full crew compliment ready to help you set sail! Whether you are considering heading out onto the seas for the first time, or you are a cruise connoisseur planning your next adventure, here is your guide to which type of cruise is best for you! 

You will never hear the dreaded words, “I’m bored”, on a cruise ship. Kids club is your best friend, so make sure you choose a cruise that caters to the ages of your kids. There are plenty of activities on board to keep the little ones entertained, and it’s the perfect opportunity to grant the older kids a little bit of freedom. Planning a multigenerational holiday? Cruise ships are floating playgrounds for passengers of all ages. The perfect family holiday is waiting for you at sea! 



From enormous ships packed with more restaurants and facilities than you can count to smaller ships focused on serving up luxury – ocean cruising is for everyone! You’ll enjoy all the excitement of visiting lots of incredible destinations without the hassle of packing up your hotel room each time. Ocean cruises sail all over the world, so it’s the perfect way to experience as much as possible on your holiday!


River cruising is a great option if you’re more focused on the itinerary than the cruise ship and looking for a voyage with plenty of sightseeing opportunities. Most of the actual cruising is done at night, meaning that you’ll go to sleep in one destination and wake up somewhere new. The smaller, more intimate ships used for river cruising also give passengers access to more remote destinations and, rather than days ‘at sea’, you’ll likely spend more of your days exploring the most incredible port cities and towns in the world. 


Looking for a way to see the world while living the high life at the same time? Luxury cruising is the way to do it! Picture comfortable suites, spacious public areas, stylish dress codes, gourmet dining and even private butlers! With smaller passenger numbers than many other cruise ships, luxury cruising is a much more personal experience. It’s also important to know some luxury cruises come with age restrictions, so you might need to leave the kids at home. Talk to our Travel Experts at Flight Centre Forster about luxury cruise options for your next holiday.