Stockland Forster is proud to announce we are partnering with The Fathering Project this Father’s Day. The Fathering Project is an evidence-based organisation that promotes positive fathering behaviour and encourages fathers to engage with their children – whether they are infants, pre-school, primary school or adolescents.

Their overarching aim is to share knowledge and provide fathers with the skills required to be the best dad’s they can be – to improve the lives of families, children and fathers for generations to come. They build community awareness around the crucial impact fathers have on their children’s lives through awareness campaigns, research-based information and resources. They educate, connect and mobilise fathers and families, to create brighter futures for all children and transform lives through better fathering.

They want every Australian to have an effective father or father figure, to create conditions for children to thrive. They do this through resources that engage, inform, inspire, equip and inform fathers, families and communities alike. Providing outreach services and support to vulnerable and at-risk fathers and communities, to reduce issues such as neglect, abuse, disengagement and trauma. Achieving this through research-based prevention and early intervention programs.

They are proudly the first intervention program implemented within Australia, and they focus on the fathers of all children, Australia wide. To learn more about what they do or see how they might be able to benefit your family, visit their website at

The Fathering Project's Community Father of The Year

The Australian Father of the Year Awards recognise and honour the crucial contribution that fathers make to both their families and the broader society. Chosen by The Australian Father’s Day Council and The Fathering Project, these awards highlight THREE exceptional fathers and ONE remarkable workplace. 
These recipients have exemplified the values of care, mentorship, and affection towards their own children or children who cross their path, whether through their professional endeavours or their roles within their families.

The Community Father of the Year award: This winner will highlight the role and need for men to nurture, mentor and support every child in their community. So, they are protected and given strong role models and guidance as they grow. 

The 2023 Australian Community Father of the Year is Dodzi Kpodo. We sat down with Dodzi and speak with him to learn a little more about what shapes him as a father. 


Dodzi Kpodo is a Case Manager for newcomers and refugees. He has three children aged 3, 15 and 16 years old. 

Tell us a little about you and your family. Do you have a favourite family activity or maybe a special family tradition you’d like to share with us? 
I arrived in Australia in 2010 as a Refugee from Ghana West Africa. I am married to my beautiful Wife Alicia. I am a stepfather to a son 16 years old, we have 3-year-old son and 3 years ago we became guardian for my youngest sister who is now 15 years old as our parents passed away.
Our family enjoys time outdoors, supporting kids sport and BBQ with family and friends.

What is something you learnt from your dad, that you’ve carried with you on your journey as a father? 
My father was in the Military, and he instilled in me determination, respect, a way of doing things right and putting in my best to everything I do. (commit)

What is something you see your kids doing, that makes you think ‘they definitely got that from me’?
I have coached my stepson soccer team for last 6 years and he has developed a passion for the game I grew up playing. My 3-year-old also has great rhythm and inherited my dance moves.

What is the most rewarding part of being a dad to you? 
Having a child gives you the opportunity to teach them as well as to learn from the child. And at the same time, it let you experience/ feel a love unlike anything you have felt before and that’s the most rewarding part of fathering.

What do you think sets apart a good dad, from a great dad?
I think a great dad prioritises relationships with his children, accepts the mistakes and make sure to show up when his kids need him.

We know you’re going to say you have everything you need, but what is a gift you’d love to receive from your favourite Stockland store? 
It probably sounds like a cliché – but I love funky socks! Can never have too many.