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Easy no-bake mooncake recipe for kids

Category: food

Celebrate the Mid-Autumn Festival with our colourful no-bake mooncake recipe!

Mooncakes are a delicacy enjoyed during the festive season. These cakes traditionally have a rich, thick filling made from lotus seed paste or red bean, and often contains egg yolk. 

Over the years, contemporary styles of mooncake have become popular with fillings such as green tea, coffee, chocolate and strawberry. 

Our contemporary recipe is a lighter take on the traditional mooncake. It's perfect for kids to make with only a few simple ingredients you can purchase from Jia Yuan Supermarket.

  • Time needed: 20 minutes
  • Difficulty Easy

  • • 100g cooked glutinous rice flour
  • • 40g icing sugar
  • • 65ml water
  • • 15g vegetable shortening
  • • Food colouring of choice
  • • Lotus/red bean paste for filling from Jia Yuan Supermarket
  • • Mooncake mold stamp


  • Step 1
    Mix 100g of flour and 40g icing sugar in a large bowl.

    Step 2
    Add 15g shortening to the flour mixture.

    Step 3
    Add 65ml of cold water to the flour mixture and knead until it turns into a dough.

    Step 4
    Split dough into two. Colour the two portions of dough in different colours by adding a 1 droplet of food colouring. Knead the dough.

    Step 5
    Divide dough into 30gram portions and flatten it into small rounded discs.

    Step 6
    Divide lotus/red bean paste filling into 30gram portions and roll into balls.

    Step 7
    Sprinkle some flour onto hands and dough so it won’t stick to the mold. Wrap the filling with wrapper and seal completely. Roll it into a ball/oval shape.

    Step 8
    Place the ball to stamp with the unsealed side on top. Push the stamp down then slide it out.